LBX Joker WIP 2

I initially decided to do an OOB build for the Joker considering how deep a hole I dug myself into when working on the Sazabi but its flaws were just too glaring for me to ignore. When I got tired of messing with the Saz I decided to mutilate this guy and see if I could make it a little bit better.

2013-08-03 01.09.38

Here’s a picture of the offending hip joint which I talked about previously. Like the other Strider Frame models the position of the hip ball severely restricts the articulation range of the legs. On my Joker the thigh cups are also incredibly loose so the legs fall off without effort. The knee is also unable to straighten completely so neutral standing poses look a bit weird.

2013-08-07 16.43.00

I removed the existing hip joint polycap and replaced it using the leftover polycaps from the Elysion and a pair of aftermarket ball-shaped double joints. This was a really slipshod job as I didn’t make any plans to implement the joints properly beforehand. The double joints peg into the hips and are halfway inside the existing thigh cups revealing the ball shapes at the hips. They look a bit odd but the trade-off is that they offer a much wider range of motion now. I also trimmed a little bit of material from the insides of the knees so that the legs can now straighten completely.

2013-08-07 16.43.55

I also decided to increase the range of motion for the waist joint by replacing the existing peg with a ball joint. This was done clumsily though – I gouged out material from the white lower waist piece and widened the existing hole recklessly so now it looks unsightly. I can patch up the mess completely if I leave the white bit permanently attached to the hips but it might be troublesome to paint later on. The peg in the torso has been replaced with a ball. As you can see in the picture it’s now possible to make the Joker assume a kneeling position.

Lastly I filled the hollow areas behind the Joker’s headdress, and made some slight changes to the chest. It’s pretty much ready to be painted now, and I’m thinking of painting it in the original colours. And now back to the mess that is the Sazabi…


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