HGUC Sazabi WIP 2.2

2013-07-08 16.36.16

I’m not too keen on slapping more epoxy putty so it’s a simple affair for the head. Sanded the round pieces a bit thinner and stuck some randomly cut bits of pla-plate around the helmet. In retrospect I should have stuck the round piece on my sheet styrene before cutting them into shape so that the round piece looks better integrated with the rest of the mess.

2013-07-21 20.13.10

Some time later I had second thoughts and decided to just go ahead and slap on the epoxy. I didn’t really like how the back of the head was concave-shaped so I made it into a convex shape instead.

2013-07-21 20.14.05

Onto the waist. I wanted to extend the length of the front skirt pieces but due to my horrible pla-plate skills they are now kinda encased inside large swathes of plastic.

2013-07-21 20.14.19

On the back I used some sheet styrene to hide the mess. I made templates for these so that I can cut out one of pair which I will use to add detail to the back.

2013-07-14 22.28.30

The plan was to replace the existing blocky vent things on the back skirt. They were all removed using an etching saw.

2013-07-21 20.14.47

I ended up slapping on more plastic but due to my horrible skills there’s a lot of work needed to get rid of the gaps on all the edges.

4 thoughts on “HGUC Sazabi WIP 2.2”

  1. Looking good, evo!
    Though I think the blunt angle at your rear skirt plaplate look a bit awkward, not sure why…. just personal opinion 😀

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