Next mission(s)

Progress on the Saz has been slow as usual and didn’t warrant another update with just one picture. My pile of drafts is getting thin real fast too.

2013-06-10 15.45.05

Got the lot of these along with my Mystique statue. I’ve seen some nice mod work done on the Joker but I’m quite tied up with the Sazabi so I may just leave my Joker as it is. Can’t wait to build the Achilles as people have been showering praise for it. Wonder if they’ll give the other protagonist models the Hyper Function treatment as I think the Odin and Achilles D9 are quite cool designs too, but the Odin transforms.

The Custom Effect bags are essentially one-piece affairs so I’m not too keen on making reviews for them. Given how much work still needs to go into the Saz I’m kinda bummed to not be able to start on these guys.


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