Turkey Trip: Day 8 – Ankara

The pace of the trip seemed to pick up as we had another late night/early morning. This time we traveled to Ankara, Turkey’s capital.

2013-06-06 08.07.20

Taken with my phone – rows of buttplugs at a rest stop.


Along the way we went to Lake Tuz, a large salt lake.


I can tell you that because I picked up a grain on the ground and tasted it.


Can’t really remember but I think this is Ankara Castle. There wasn’t much to see though, we just walked up a slope to a kind of dead end around the castle walls.


Standing on rooftops.


Our next stop was Anitkabir, or the mausoleum of Ataturk, the founder of Turkey. I think the place would have looked much more beautiful if not for the fact that there was a constant crowd of tourists all over, taking photos with the unmoving guards and trying their best to annoy them.

After that was a long ride to Bolu where we stopped for the night.


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