Turkey Trip: Day 5 – the Mediterranean coast

For our second day near Antalya we first paid a visit to the Aspendos Theatre in the morning.


Another huge theatre, said to be well-preserved but there was a lot of construction/restoration work going on. You can see some guys in cosplay, they chase tourists and coerce them into taking photos with them so they can charge money.


Then it was a ferry cruise along the Mediterranean coast where we stopped at the beach for some fun before having lunch on the ferry as it returned.


Next stop was the crowded Manavgat waterfall.


Tried an artsy-looking shot but I lack the photography skills to pull it off.


Then we were off to Side where on the way we walked past this beautiful Agora which we could not enter.


We then reached the Temple of Apollo. Side seems to be some kind of seaside town area with lots of tourist trap shops selling what the tour guide admitted to be imitation goods. As our tour group had proven to the toure guide time and again that most of the members are shopaholics we were given quite a lot of free time and I left empty-handed. Heh.


2 thoughts on “Turkey Trip: Day 5 – the Mediterranean coast”

  1. Your post makes me want to travel to Turkey…Is it accidentally or is the sky always so clear in Turkey? I never see any clouds 😀

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