Super Parts for DX Chogokin YF-29 30th Anniv. Color

I did not have a chance to order the Super Parts for the YF-29 when I managed to lay my hands on it, but I knew a friend who happened to be in Japan when they were released and he was kind enough to help me buy them so I saved a little bit on shipping.

IMG_2190 - Copy

IMG_2191 - CopyIMG_2192 - Copy

It’s an opened set off one of Mandarake’s branches so I saved the extra charges (for a purchase of less than 5000 yen) as well as shipping if I were to buy online.

IMG_2193 - Copy

For the asking price there’s not much in terms of parts count, but Yamato’s VF-17 Super Pack has only 4 parts for roughly the same price.

IMG_2194 - Copy

Since the Super Parts are molded in the same colour scheme as the fighter it’s not easy to tell at first glance what’s changed. The wings of the YF-29 are retracted and all parts are clipped on. I particularly enjoy how smoothly the additional boosters near the vertical fins attach.

IMG_2194 - CopyIMG_0131 - Copy

Here I’ve put a side-by side comparison between the Super (left) and normal (right) variants.

IMG_2195 - CopyIMG_2196 - Copy

The tips of the new pods on the wings can extend and unfold. I think they serve some fictional purpose related to the Fold quartz lore in-universe.

IMG_2197 - Copy

They can also open to reveal a whole bunch of missiles. Also notice the near-invisible white on white stamp printing. Ugh.

IMG_2198 - CopyIMG_2199 - Copy

The nozzles on the back can extend with a satisfying click. The Super Parts are supposed to have different configurations for atmospheric and space flight but frankly speaking there isn’t much of a difference for the atmospheric configuration other than removing the black covers from the engine pods on the wings and retracting all the extending bits and pieces on the Super Parts.

IMG_2200 - Copy

IMG_2201 - Copy

The paint job and fairly generous stamp printing is quite detailed (except for the inexplicable white on white markings), matching very well with the rest of the fighter. There is zero diecast on the parts. The wings angle downward a little when viewed along the fuselage but I think it’s part of the design. Due to the added weight on them the engine pod section tends to become quite loose and rotates really easily.

IMG_2202 - Copy

IMG_2203 - Copy

IMG_2204 - Copy

IMG_2205 - Copy

IMG_2206 - Copy

I just realised Gerwalk without arms unfortunately does not fit on the display stand.

IMG_2207 - Copy

And in Gerwalk mode with the Super parts on the original engine pods on the wings get in the way of the arms.

IMG_2208 - Copy

Oh – notice on our left that one of the wings has sagged in the picture above.

IMG_2210 - Copy

Super Itano Circus. Dreaming of the day when I can have my own Armored VF-25S for the Ultimate Itano Circus.

IMG_2211 - Copy

Ugh, with every transformation more black paint is chipped. Since all the parts are concentrated on the wings which go behind in Battroid mode, it’s impossible for the toy to stand on its own as all the additional weight behind makes the toy tilt back on its loose hips.

IMG_2212 - Copy

IMG_2214 - Copy

IMG_2215 - Copy

IMG_2217 - Copy

Given that the Super Parts seem more appropriate for Alto’s YF-29, some people have mixed reviews for this one. At first I thought it would look better without them but they have quickly grown on me as they make the forward-swept wings look a bit different with the unique additional winglets at the ends.



6 thoughts on “Super Parts for DX Chogokin YF-29 30th Anniv. Color”

  1. wow looks awesome, nice get 😀 always wish the DX chogokin macross are affordable or at least not exclusive for their parts attachment

    1. Actually most of Bandai’s Valkyries are cheaper than Yamato’s ones, if you can find them for retail. Yamato’s valkyries used to be much easier to find and went on sale often so you’re kinda right.

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