Turkey Trip: Day 4 – Pamukkale & Antalya

Our hotel in Pamukkale offered hot spring facilities and the hotel bathroom had an extra faucet which had thermal water at certain times of the day.


Took this picture when we briefly visited Hierapolis, but we were here for something else. Too bad there were a ton of tour buses so I couldn’t find a good vantage point to take pictures of the god rays.


We were here for the famous travertine terraces that look like cotton castles, hence the Turkish name of the place.


We spent quite a bit of time here having fun exploring the terraces barefoot. And no, it’s not made of cotton, but limestone instead.


It was a beautiful, scenic spot and might just be one of the highlights of the trip. I managed these photos by running ahead of the crowds to avoid them. I was lucky I never slipped into the pools or something. The rough contoured ground also made our feet hurt like some foot reflexology massage. The pools were warm or cold depending on the source of the water. We saw a pack of dogs playing around the area and peeing in the pools, but that’s not why the waters are warm heh.


After that it was a long bus ride to Antalya where there were lots of youth joining in the Gezi Park protests, spraying graffiti all over the city’s main square, marching along the streets in droves and chanting.


Our tour guide explained that they were singing the Turkish national anthem and “saying nice things about their government”. Despite the events in Istanbul and Ankara the protest here was peaceful when we were there.


We walked in the city to see the Yivli Minaret, unique for its design which looks like eight columns in a bunch.


As well as Hadrian’s Gate, where I never got a good shot of the place due to the throngs of crowds and tourists jostling for photos of themselves on the pavement.


We stayed two nights in this hotel, one of the better ones during the trip. Here was a view of the Mediterranean Sea from the room balcony. By my own mediocre standards I felt the hotel decor was almost impractically extravagant, as though to serve an extra purpose, catered towards couples. The room itself had a section just before the balcony area for the television, coffee table and a couch for two and was marked from the rest of the room by a panel. The bathroom had a full length glass panel replacing one of its walls, facing the beds and balcony – privacy was barely provided by only a set of blinds. You could see the silhouette of whoever inside the bathroom and if you wanted you could have the blinds open to watch them shower as the shower stall was also marked out by glass panels. The beds had way too many pillows and cushions, and the price list on the minibar also listed a certain contraceptive. Well it’s still a long time before I get to enjoy these kinds of facilities in such a hotel heh.


Anyway, you could also get a nice night view of the city, ruined by the bright tennis court lighting. On the second night of our stay we saw even more lights as there were actually many more courts. There was also a fairly large gym, and a few outdoor bars/discos.


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