Another statue post

Welp, time for another one of those posts where I show a whole bunch of additions to my fast-growing PVC collection, since all I have been doing these few weeks is everything except touching the Sazabi. Seeing it in the mess it’s currently in kills whatever shred of motivation I have for it. I was really ambitious when I started to defile it and my incompetency is disappointing me.

2013-06-17 12.58.10

On to the topic proper, I ordered this one from a local distributor when Good Smile announced the re-release. It turned out to be delayed by almost half a year without any notice from the shop and I learnt about the delays from a different shop. I think it was supposed to be out back in December last year and I ordered it in September if I remember correctly. I only received it this May.

2013-06-10 15.45.52

Some of you may remember me complaining about getting shafted by shipping costs. This statue was one of the few additional items I bought to double my bill. I was actually a bit let down by this one as her eyes looked a bit weird and don’t convey the same feeling as Shunya Yamashita’s brilliant artwork. And apparently the sculptor was really cunning when he did this figure – it appears that she is running her left hand in her hair but if you disassemble the figure she has no left hand. A little creepy but it’s a workaround from sculpting all that mess behind her head.

2013-06-10 15.46.08

2013-06-10 15.46.24

And the two pre-owned buggers – the culprits behind the whole fiasco. Bought them solely on impulse to combine with my existing monthly order only to have them separated due to delays. The pair of bunny girls though were a bit expensive compared to Mandarake. This Bome collection stuff has the absolute worst kind of packaging ever in any product. They occupy a truckload of volume and I was so pissed off I decided to open them which meant destroying the packages and even the display base was glued to the card just like a pack of batteries or something. The worst part was one of the bunny girls’ legs had the paintwork stuck on the freaking twist ties holding them. I was really disappointed and wanted to slap myself for not thinking with my head when buying all these things.

2013-06-17 12.56.17

And this one came in a separate shipment from Mandarake. Wanted to buy all the Bome girls from Mandarake since they had the best prices but they were spread across different stores until I came across the one below which I had been hunting high and low for and happened to be in the same store as this one.

2013-06-17 12.56.58

I mentioned back then about Jungle selling me the wrong figure. Well I finally found it on Mandarake and quickly pounced on it. I really hope that at this point I’ve pretty much completed my collection of old figures. Heh.

2013-06-23 16.16.58

2013-06-23 16.17.26

And now for the new ones. Got these two big lovely ladies real quick. Mai is supposedly 1/7 scale but she appears quite tall. She isn’t cast-offable so some people are quite disappointed. It seems there is a massive hole right in the middle of one of her breasts for her scanty clothing to peg into. The dark-skinned lady is 1/5 scale and is not safe for work. She’s one of my largest (heh in more ways than one) and most expensive figures and occupies a lot of shelf space due to her pose, with her luxuriant hair pooling behind her occupying almost half the area. She has a lovely plush carpet for use as her base, but also seems to have a depression on her breast. I’m not sure whether it’s a quality control issue as I’ve not seen it on other people’s pictures. She has a somewhat glossy finish for her skin which is easily blemished so I’m glad mine is almost flawless.


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