Turkey Trip: Day 2 – Canakkale

I wanted to put up these posts more frequently but I conveniently forgot. Please pardon my mistakes if I got the names or places wrong as I am not familiar with the geography of the country. Previously we reached Canakkale by bus and stayed over in a hotel facing the Aegean Sea.

From Canakkale we went to the ancient city of Troy.


The legendary Trojan Horse is of course a replica, but we were not allowed to go inside.


Walking between the city walls.


This is the Theatre of Troy, first of many ancient theatres we would get to see. If I’m not wrong this is a Greek style theatre which doesn’t have a raised stage. Our next destination was the ancient acropolis city of Pergamon where we had to take a cable car uphill to reach. At this point the X100 battery went flat suddenly and I learnt not to trust the battery meter and to charge it every night. For this post the next few pictures were taken by the good old Canon EOS 550D.


The Temple of Trajan was one of the more impressive-looking landmarks. Before that, on the way up was the Sanctuary of Athena, but there was nothing much to see other than a flat area surrounded by stumps in a rectangular arrangement, the stumps being the remains of what used to be the columns.


Further downhill sat a Roman theatre which we didn’t visit.

Next stop was Kusadasi, another long bus ride away. We reached a large, bustling luxury hotel which ironically only had wi-fi in the hotel lobby unlike the quieter one previously. There were tons of tourists, tons and tons of lounge chairs outdoors facing the sea to the west (again the Aegean Sea I think) and a nightclub which blasted music late into the night.


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