HGUC Sazabi WIP 2

Commencing my messing around with this kit with a resupply run.

2013-05-25 21.27.42

Bought an electric toothbrush sanding thingy so I wouldn’t have hand cramps from all the sanding. I went to a certain shop and bought the most coarse sandpaper they had only to find an even coarser one in another shop. The rest are random plastic bits to add on to my little collection of plastic bits and bobs. Lastly the primer spray can is for convenience. I’m still short of some square-shaped bits and I’m thinking whether to replace the cables around the Sazabi’s waist and neck. I got a box of Tamiya epoxy putty which I commenced using for this kit – hopefully I can make good use of it before it goes bad and hardens.

2013-06-15 22.54.51

Only one pic to show my slow progress. Started with the arms as I felt those were the hardest and adjusted the shape of the shoulders, cutting off some existing material and adding on a bit. Also sculpted a piece of armour for the forearms. I think the hardest part about all this modding is having to craft identical shapes by hand. Right now it’s tough to shape consistent curves on my parts. That is a skill I sorely lack even when it comes to cutting straight lines and identical looking parts on sheet styrene. Anyway, I’m far from finished with the arms. The shoulders still need work especially on the undersides, I need to scribe some lines, and more sheet styrene to stick.

Other than my little vacation I haven’t been putting a lot of time into this kit every day as I would have preferred to. Mostly being distracted all day doing other stuff like playing in Second Life heh. My avatar is over 6 years old, and my addiction to it has been occurring in phases, with the current one being one of my longer ones. I have no idea if anyone in my country know of this as I have never met a fellow countryman. If you want to hang out with me, just post your avatar name and let me know. 😀 Maybe you’ll be surprised when you see my avi.

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