Turkey Trip: Day 1 – Istanbul

Sorry for the late post, I returned home early Sunday morning without any sleep. Strangely I can’t sleep while on a plane so I napped for around 2 hours at home. Didn’t progress much on my Sazabi as expected due to my horrible skills so I decided to write about my trip to Turkey instead. It was fairly last-minute as I did not want to travel with the burden of having yet to find a job, but as some of you know I lucked out. Due to the long flights and time zone magic I spent 9 nights there. Most of the pictures were taken using a Fujifilm X100 which I am not too familiar with.

After an 11-hour overnight flight which I never slept through, we arrived in Istanbul in the morning and went to some of its famous landmarks.


Starting with the Hagia Sophia museum.


The crowds were massive and we had to queue to get in. Too bad there was quite a bit of construction/restoration work in progress, ruining many of the pictures.


Then it was off to the nearby Blue Mosque, or the Sultan Ahmed Mosque.


This was taken in the courtyard while queuing to get inside the prayer hall.


The hall was intricately decorated but had many cables descending from the ceiling.


The cables were for holding the lamps.


More of the ceiling.

After the long queues we had the first of many, many long bus rides to our next destination, and the first of many hotel stayovers. On the way we took a ferry to reach Canakkale, staying over at a hotel that offered a nice sunset view of the Aegean Sea from the hotel restaurant.

I’ll see if I can spit out these posts slightly more frequently while maintaining the usual programming. Hopefully I can get some progress done at the same time.


5 thoughts on “Turkey Trip: Day 1 – Istanbul”

  1. Cool! You went to Hagia Sophia
    That is one building that I saw in a lot of books during my university days 😀

    1. I’ve never played any of the games but my friend told me about the places so I had a similar feeling too, of pretending I was on the rooftops. 🙂

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