HGUC Sazabi WIP 1

I’ve been building 1/100 scale for a long time but I got this guy for free last year. Plain assembly was quick and took only under 2 days with my incredible Tamiya cutters.

IMG_0178 - Copy

IMG_0179 - Copy

The red plastic has 2 shades which is subtle and also not distinguishable in my pictures.

I have horrible modding skills but I decided to be really ambitious and I will be trying out some fairly serious (in my books at least) modding. It’s still going to be the same kit but I might change its appearance in some areas to look more interesting as out of the box this kit is less detailed than even the newly released SD Sazabi. However with my horrible skills I have no idea how long it will take this time, since I have been having fun this past month.

Speaking of fun, I am actually overseas right now. Luckily I prepared this post ahead of time and thanks to modern technology I can actually finish writing and publish this on my phone using on board wifi on the bus. I’m not sure whether I can spit out another post next week but we’ll see. Sometimes I lose Internet access while on the road.


4 thoughts on “HGUC Sazabi WIP 1”

  1. Great to see you posting despite being overseas. This is a great kit to work on. Actually the lack of details is better for modding as you fill them up with your own ideas ^^

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