Possibly a Blue item

Continuing with my game references, this may qualify as a blue or maybe even a purple item.

2013-05-21 15.48.35

Got a heads up that Amiami mysteriously had a bunch of these for sale on the day it was released so I bought it on impulse with the sole reason being “Oh wow it’s possible to buy this from Amiami”. I think around half an hour after I ordered it it was sold out. I was expecting to be beat at the checkout but the next day Amiami asked for payment so I put in an order for the exclusive Armour pack through a proxy. I might keep this unopened as the Armour pack will be released in September and I won’t be around to open it either. I heard that this guy is riddled with QC issues like crumbling diecast parts and stressed plastic, which is a bit worrying.

The asking for payment bit is also a bit of a long story. I have some preorders which I combined this guy with but Amiami separated this guy and shipped it. I knew later on that the statue I ordered was delayed by a month but Amiami did not update their records. I was stupid enough to try my luck combining with 2 pre-owned items which Amiami promptly separated again and asked for payment. Not long later they finally updated my preorder to reflect the delay. Seeing as I didn’t want to pay so much shipping just for some old pre-owned stuff I surfed around Amiami and added a few more items to my order and ended up doubling the bill.

Some of the items are on backorder so it might take a while for them to ask for money and ship the stuff. Lesson learnt – don’t push your luck! I will slap myself if this order stretches into June.


5 thoughts on “Possibly a Blue item”

  1. Wow you managed to beat the order queue! I remember trying for some hard to get nendos impossible to get the moment the preorder was released…

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