LBX Elysion – Complete!

I skipped my WIP photo-taking towards the end and went right away to finishing up the kit. It’s been a long time since I’ve touched a kit smaller than an MG so in terms of motivation it was easier to get off my lazy butt and work on it as there were far fewer parts. The masking is a little more difficult than usual so some areas were hand painted instead ending in horrible results. Luckily due to the design of the kit they are in less commonly seen areas.


Bonus: Read this post while playing the video at the end. I can’t enable it to play on its own and annoy readers though.

IMG_0153 - Copy

IMG_0154 - CopyIMG_0155 - CopyIMG_0156 - Copy

IMG_0157 - Copy

IMG_0158 - CopyIMG_0159 - CopyIMG_0160 - Copy

In a rush to finish the kit I cut the paper cape horribly. Wished it was cloth but only the Hyper Function kits get cloth capes.

IMG_0161 - Copy

The red face and gray forehead areas are hand painted. The black areas are all done using enamel paint – very easy to clean up provided you have a truckload of cotton buds ;). The eyes were done by cutting silver tape to shape and painting it clear green. I also put a piece of silver tape behind the chest jewel. It’s a little too big so it ended up slightly wrinkled.

IMG_0162 - Copy

The gray areas on the shoulder pauldrons were both masked and hand painted. The large areas were masked, then the curved edges near the orange round bits were hand painted. All the black areas were again done using enamel paint. The white area on the backs of the hands was initially masked but I tried to fix the horrible edges by hand painting.

IMG_0163 - Copy

The back skirts have areas which are also hand painted. In retrospect maybe I should have painted the gray areas first and masked them out instead of doing it the other way around. No matter, the enamel paint helped to hide the horrible outline.

IMG_0164 - Copy

The red bits on the tops of the legs were hand painted. The black line around them was done using a good old Gundam Marker. Actually I could have painted the black lines first, cleaned the outer edges, then painted in the red areas. To get the neat edges on the lower legs where some of the areas like the curves on the calves are not well-contoured, I simply slapped on enamel paint and cleaned the edges just like a typical reverse wash, adjusting my pressure on the cotton buds to keep the lines thick enough.

IMG_0165 - Copy

Weapons. There was a bit of masking involved on the shield so I’m quite happy with how it turned out.

IMG_0167 - Copy

Didn’t show off the articulation range but it’s mostly HG level with single joints all over. I glued the torso block to hide the seam and the shoulders were so tight I nearly sheared off one of the shoulder polycaps. If you’re planning to paint an LBX kit, I think it’s better to trim down the joints slightly if you decide to glue certain parts to remove the seam lines.

IMG_0168 - Copy

The ball joints on the hips and ankles are offset to allow the kit to assume wide-legged stances easily.

IMG_0169 - Copy

IMG_0170 - Copy

IMG_0171 - Copy


IMG_0172 - Copy

Please Photoshop this pic with your imagination as I did not buy the LBX effect parts to go along.

IMG_0173 - Copy

IMG_0174 - Copy

IMG_0176 - Copy

IMG_0177 - Copy

Lastly is the included game dice which I didn’t bother painting.

  • Primer: Mr Surfacer 1200
  • White: Black pre-shade -> Mr. Base White 1000
  • Gray: Neutral Gray + Cobalt Blue + White
  • Dark blue: Cobalt Blue + Black + Fluorescent Pink + Neutral Gray
  • Orange: Yellow + Red Madder + White + Fluorescent Pink (small amount)
  • Red: Red Madder + White + Fluorescent Pink (small amount)
  • Black/Panel line wash: (T) Flat Black

All colours used are Mr. Color unless specified: G = Gaia Color, T = Tamiya Enamel X- series.

This is a decent, fairly low-priced HG-level kit. The new Hyper Function kits are more attractive as they are like MG equivalents complete with inner frame. There is also the Z Mode version which is a set of 3 figures that combine like in the anime. I think the Z Mode Achilles had die-cast in it but I’m not sure about the rest. The plastic kit versions don’t transform and the combined model is sold as a separate kit. I’m tempted to get the Hyper Function Achilles. Besides the Achilles and Odin series I like the Joker too but seeing as it has a different frame I don’t see it getting the Hyper Function treatment soon.


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