LBX Elysion WIP 2

Realised it would be far less stressful if I actually did my airbrushing in a spray booth instead of spraying out the window so I sat down and constructed my booth. This time round without a laptop I have very little desk space so the booth is right behind me. Cramped conditions aside, I didn’t really take very detailed pictures as I painted the kit.

2013-05-03 21.00.07

Started off by shading the white parts. I like a subtle shade but I can never get it right and it’s always barely visible to the naked eye.

2013-05-03 21.00.30

I used red to shadow the orange parts. Still barely visible, but probably slightly better than the white parts.

2013-05-03 22.01.19

Some of the parts are masked in preparation for more colours. The shield is quite troublesome as the biggest part has four colours. Here I have masked the orange areas and for the other shield part on the lower right I have masked out the red area. The V-shaped piece is for the chest.

2013-05-03 22.48.04

The dark blue parts are freshly painted in this picture.

2013-05-06 22.18.06

More masking for the shield. The orange, blue and white areas have been masked and now it’s time to paint the remaining area blue-gray. The same goes for the shoulder parts.

2013-05-07 20.23.37

Since the instruction manual does not provide any colour or painting guide I have to literally refer to the box images as the manual itself does not show every single area of the kit. Here I just found out the back needs a little extra colour. In my haste to see the completed result I assembled the shield and halberd before I could do any shading on the blue-gray areas. I’ll see whether I can use smoke gray instead since it’s impossible to disassemble them now.

2013-05-08 20.50.12

The final colour to be painted is the dark gray inner frame colour. I’ve done some masking for the feet and hands.

2013-05-10 23.25.22

There are some small areas that I decided to hand paint because I was lazy to do really intricate masking, resulting in the sloppy results above. The hands had to be hand painted as my masking was just horrible. I was using the same jar of colour mix to hand paint the hands but for some strange reason I could not get it to be the exact same shade despite stirring for minutes, so the hands now look as if they have slightly different coloured hand armour.

The next step would be to top coat everything and prepare to paint the black areas/panel lines with a wash. I foresee a problem with the lower legs as some of the lines do not have clear recesses.


6 thoughts on “LBX Elysion WIP 2”

    1. I myself don’t have that much patience either. This is quite a small kit so I can take it. I’ve heard of people who masked the gold trim of a Sinanju – that one really deserves respect.

    1. I haven’t touched SDs for ages but from what I can tell, in some ways yes. It has hollow areas on the undersides of certain parts, but is even more kid-friendly with the parts being removable without the need for tools.

    1. If you’re referring to the first pic of this post, I haven’t painted them white yet. But in the last pic they’re painted and you can’t see the shading anymore.

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