LBX Elysion WIP 1

I got this guy some time ago when I was craving to build something and finished snapping it together fairly quickly. I also wrote a post on the board game that was printed on the inside of the box but never did a proper review as I planned to paint it.

2012-12-25 21.07.44

2012-12-25 21.08.19

Don’t mind the crap quality – I used my phone to take the pictures at night just before tearing it down for priming.

2013-05-01 14.08.19

The kit was actually primed at the same time as my MG Astray, but I never had the time to finish painting this one after the Astray.

Thanks to Bandai continuously blurring the line between toy and model kit, I never did a review of this guy. It’s somewhat like a mix between an SD and a HG kit. You get SD levels of colour separation ie. there is a fair bit of painting and masking to do, while you also get around HG levels of articulation. The joints are simple and give just enough articulation to manage some poses. On the runners, parts are designed to be removable by twisting them off so there is no space between the runner and the part. This design tends to leave tiny holes on the parts instead of nubs.

I didn’t fill in any of the holes on the undersides of the shield, feet or skirt pieces. I also did a half-assed job at trying to remove the seam lines as I haven’t bought any Tamiya putty to replaced my dried up tube. There’s going to be a lot of masking required, especially for the shield.


5 thoughts on “LBX Elysion WIP 1”

  1. Lbx kits are getting better. Got to love their designs. Plus the hyper function versions are like mgs!!

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