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The last 2 exams of my uni life will be on this coming Monday and Tuesday. With that said I mostly stopped caring about them already and haven’t really studied much this past week now that our hellish design project is finally over. It’s not helping when you see other people going for all sorts of outings this week. I myself joined a simple celebration so yay I’m not some lonely sociopath or something. I had this entry languishing in my drafts folder since my previous post on them, so I thought it would be a good time to post it today. After Tuesday I will finally be free of academic burden except for the uncertainty of receiving results and whether this horrible semester might cost me an Honours tier.

When it comes to statues I guess once you step past a certain line you can’t go back…

2012-12-24 18.57.12

Left this picture as it is as I can’t show the packages out of their bubble wraps. I got them from an online shop called Jungle which, like Amiami’s early pre-owned items, had ambiguous ratings for item conditions. Succubus Silvia was quite expensive but had a clear base with an area all scratched and roughed up as though the previous owner used it as a coaster or hockey puck… For the other figure, I ordered a figure which had a similar name but was a totally different figure. They agreed to refund if I took the expense to ship it back to them, but this is supposedly quite rare and was going for higher prices than what I paid for so I kept it. Not going to buy from them again anyway, they never replied my emails asking for clarification until I took it to Paypal and opened a dispute.

2013-01-07 17.27.32

This is another fairly old figure which I’ve wanted. I’ve never watched the show but I liked her design and jumped on it as it was unopened and going for cheap. It seems a lot of my PVC collection comes from shows I have never watched. 😛

2013-01-07 17.49.05

Finally, a figure which I preordered. With the not-too-recent quality control fiasco surrounding GSC I peeked through the package window to see dark patches on her legs. I found out it was due to the mold release oils showing up when the blister presses against the figure. Right now it’s still not opened and I’m not sure if I want to open it. It cost a bomb and no one seems to want to buy it now.

2013-01-27 15.54.34

Got this from a local shop. It’s a prize figure so it’s really cheap if you buy it online. The shop I went to was known for selling things at higher prices, but it still sounded reasonable to me. Pretended the extra was for shipping charges or something. It’s quite well-made for such a low price. She also seems to be around 1/8 scale and ironically has a box sturdier than many other statue boxes despite requiring some assembly.

2013-04-02 00.47.22

I think it’s safe to say I’ve gone off the deep end when I buy my first Native figure. Again, I didn’t preorder it and got it off Mandarake for a slight mark up not too long after it was released. It’s another one of those NSFW figures, and like many other Native figures the price seems to keep rising. Currently Native has their “Gamer Girl” figure up for order. I’m really tempted to order but it will be released when I’m scheduled to fly to Japan so it’s kinda preventing me from actually ordering.

2013-04-03 12.53.58

I ordered this some time ago as retail therapy. It was supposedly stained but I didn’t care as it was hard to come by and I just paid for it. It took a particularly long time to arrive but it looks quite okay from what I can tell.

As of this post I already have 17 figures, out of which only 4 were preordered and most of them second hand. I’ve slowed down on buying the other types of figures so you might see more statue posts in future. I don’t have mad photography skills though so I don’t think I’ll be doing reviews for them.


7 thoughts on “More statues”

  1. awesome get, fasalina is great and i remember she did pole dancing in the cockpit to control her mecha lol, madoka ultimate kinda overrated i think, and wow you even bought misae

  2. Soooooooooooooooooo, are you going to unwrap these and share them, or do we just have to use our imagination?

    By the by, how lucky are you to have “local shops”? I wish I had a local shop. Living vicariously through you. 😉

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