Purple item get!

Those of you who have played lots of games might get the reference in the title.

2013-04-11 12.02.30

After the pre-order drama last week, I was reading forums and came across some information that some shops were having a sale for some Bandai Macross toys. Despite it being a “sale” prices were still marked up above retail but were much more reasonable compared to the scalper prices I saw locally or online. I jumped on it and bought one seeing that it could be my only chance at owning a Bandai Macross toy without paying out my ass.

I’m not sure if I can put out a review for it next week as I’m really busy. Officially I have one week of school left but there’s still so much to do… My final semester is the worst semester ever.

At the time of writing this it was possible to put in an order for the VF-25F but I decided against it – Damn you Murphy’s Law! Would have ordered if not for the fact that I just bought this and have a bunch of PVC pre-orders around July. Hopefully the same can happen for the 25S or else it would remain an orange level item…


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