*this* close

I finally witnessed firsthand the 5 second preorder windows associated with Bandai’s Macross toys. With a 5 second auto-refresh/check for change on my browser I was alerted to this:


Hit the add to cart button and the site ground to a halt.

bandai shenanigans 02

After several frantic refreshes and attempts to log in, I kept facing the Service Temporarily Unavailable page.


A few moments later, it was sold out. Repeat this for a bunch of other online retailers. I also have no idea which local shops are accepting orders – those I’ve asked said they stopped taking orders altogether because Bandai never provides them enough stock.

I could get all butthurt and post a long tirade about Bandai’s shenanigans but this quote from a certain Macross themed forum sums it up best:

More like we’re all sperm and amiami’s the egg. Guess how many gets through.

If Bandai doesn’t want to earn all the unearned revenue and leaves it to the profiteers on the second hand market, there’s not much we can do about it.


4 thoughts on “*this* close”

    1. You’re right. As outsiders we won’t know the rationale behind their business practices, but makers like Max Factory/GSC have been doing made-to-order production runs for their figures for a while already and Bandai sure could learn a thing or two from them. It also helps against shelfwarming which hit Bandai pretty badly when they first started their SH Figuarts line, causing them to result to online exclusives for every other figure.

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