Not dead yet!

Just wanna clarify that my blog isn’t officially dead yet! It’s just that in future once I start working I might not be able to keep on posting toy-related updates.

And on the topic of toys, this week was uneventful. After my hectic schedule and clearing of one major deadline I also managed to churn out an essay quickly on good time and went out on Sunday. There were things I wanted to buy, like the Nyaruko nendoroid or a 1/60 VF-1 toy but everything just felt… expensive. Like figmas and newer statues Nendoroids have also gone up in price; Yamato seems to have gone bankrupt so it’s only natural that profiteers want to jack up the prices of everything that’s left. And the occasional Bandai 1/60 YF-29 going for 525 USD… There were some PVC statues going for surprisingly good prices like Alter’s Dizzy but I didn’t jump… It felt like I wouldn’t be able to enjoy them with the few months I have left, and went home empty-handed.

And since there isn’t anything interesting to write about, I thought of just showing some of the PVC figures I got over the past few months. Since my last post on them I had to collect my preorder for a black version of Sigui/Siggy/etc. which is still in its shipping box but now I am stuck with two. I’m trying to sell either one of them off but no one seems to want them…

2013-04-02 00.32.49
2013-04-02 00.33.49
Got this pair off Mandarake in September last year for just over 5000 yen. I only wanted Succubus but didn’t want to pay the extra handling fee, so it was double impulse time. If you look at the sculpt on Nao especially you can tell they are quite dated figures. The Succubus figure was supposedly unopened but the box had yellowed and showed signs of having been cleverly opened. I didn’t mind as the figure itself looked good as new.

2013-04-02 00.46.34

I got this unopened from the used toy section of Amiami for what I felt was a very good price. I just checked the price again and it’s less than a freaking Nendoroid/figma. Beautiful figure but the box is freaking huge. By the way I have never watched Zoids before.

2013-04-02 00.38.46

This is… not safe for work. So unsafe that you can’t see the contents unless you open the magnetic flap. I really wanted it for a long time and it went for a slightly lower price compared to what’s being asked now, so I caved in and got my first outright NSFW figure. This one was in poor condition but I was surprised at how bad it was; the box was damaged and the matte finish had a lot of scuff marks. The figure itself was also stained in several areas but I managed to clean it up. There were some parts that had paint transfer onto the plastic blister tray – for such an expensive figure I was still disappointed at its condition and that there weren’t any protective plastic sheets around those areas of the trays. Some parts of the clothing were also chipped but at least they weren’t visible. All in all it still looks okay, if you dare to take it out for display.

There’s more but I’ll leave it for another time. Maybe some of you might need a little time to get over the shock.


5 thoughts on “Not dead yet!”

    1. Oh no party’s over! *snatches your keyboard away*

      It’s just once these things become harder to find, even those in bad condition will still fetch a hefty price… Good thing the messed up painted areas aren’t visible while the stains on the body were caused by the previous owner clumsily swapping parts and could be removed with a bit of thinner.

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