The end and… a new beginning

I’ve been incredibly busy with my final year design project these few weeks, to the point of spending over 12 hours a day in school and sleeping 5 hours a week. I haven’t prepared any new content for this blog, but if you look at the title it sounds as if I’m sounding the death knell for my blog.

I got offered a job in a company that requires me to work in Japan for at least 2 years.

It’s good and bad news. Seeing as I don’t have particularly stellar university results that are the norm for my course, I haven’t been offered many interviews so I immediately accepted the offer. And I realised that once I sign the contract and leave my home, I might not be able to update this blog about toys as often as I’d like anymore. Many of the comrades on my blogroll have also moved on with their own lives, and I was really happy to have this blog over the past 5 years. Sure I didn’t gain a large following, but keeping blogs has always been the way for me to get over my personal issues.

I’ve never really left my home for long periods of time, and the longest time was probably the Japan trip I went on a few years ago. I think I might have one or two preorders that I might not be able to collect but it’s still early to think about them.

Anyway I’m really really busy so I’ll have to stop here. Hopefully I can continue updating this as often as I can, and maybe when the time comes I could start a new blog focusing on my new life.

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