My first foray into 1/6

It all happened when I saw pictures of this particular figure. (in b4 Nazi slut)


I really wanted it but only knew of a listing on Taobao. Buying from Taobao required a middleman but I didn’t dare to do it as I was not aware whether those middlemen services could take preorders. Some time later a listing popped up on Amiami (not sure why it’s gone now) and despite it being a provisional order and having a considerably higher list price I gave it a shot. I later found out that some local shops took preorders for better prices.

A few days later I spotted a 1/6 seamless body on sale in a bargain bin at a shop, and snapped it up without knowing anything about it. Without any prior research I also bought a clothes set and a head sculpt from another both of which to my surprise cost almost double the price of the body, but the clothes set had almost enough pieces for 2 figures. Thinking that if I could get a base body for so cheap maybe I could amass enough parts and get my very own 1/6 figure. The clothes were from a maker called Dollsfigure; I found their website and on impulse put in an order for a set of underwear (since the first set of clothes didn’t come with any) and their pictures always had very pretty-looking heads. Now my goal was to get my own figure that looked as good as those pictures.

After reading around I found out that I got an old version of the Phicen seamless body, and the Dollsfigure brand of clothes was notorious for causing crazy stains and found other comments such as poor tailoring. Strangely the first set I owned didn’t cause any problems and I was happy with it except that the seamless body had a pretty large bottom and bust making it difficult to pull the clothes over its rubbery surface and the velcro back couldn’t fully close up. In the meantime I trawled the Evil Bay for all the other parts as well as a jointed TTL body. The nice-looking heads were custom made. Determined to get one of those beauties, I went to a middleman service.

When the second set of clothes arrived, I tried them on the bodies and to my horror they instantly stained and turned everything they touched a dark purple. Even the rigid plastic TTL body was not spared when I tried them on it. My fingers were also stained. They were also much less form-fitting compared to what the promotional pictures showed. Now my seamless body is permanently stained in some areas.

On the YJA side I kept on getting outbid as other people were offering way over 20,000 yen for some of the more good-looking ones. After some time I got lucky and finally won an auction for a really good price, and shaved down the neck peg of my TTL body to fit the head.

So after the long story here’s a little picture of my efforts.

IMG_0068 - Copy

It’s a mix-and-match of different brands. The head is custom made by RUELIE, fit on a TTL body. The dress is from Dollsfigure, the boots by Triad Toys, and the arm sleeves and hands were bits and pieces from the Evil Bay, supposedly from ZCWO.

IMG_0069 - Copy

I’m quite happy with how it turned out, though the hair is really annoying and loves to get messed up. The head itself is made of soft vinyl so it’s difficult to adjust its position without squashing it too much.

IMG_0070 - Copy

The base body itself isn’t good quality – many joints are very loose and disconnect easily while the wrist pegs were so tight they snapped when I was trying to unplug the hands. The boots connect to the ankle holes of the body but don’t fit too well and are quite loose so it’s really difficult to get it to stand without falling over. I think it’s possible to tighten the ankle connections, but I shudder at the thought of messing up the hair so I just leave it standing as it is.

As for the Phicen body, I’ll see if I can find a proper set of clothes and a second head before I consider taking pictures of it.

Edit: It turns out that there is no fitting issue with the connection between the body and the boots. The ball joint inside the boots is actually on its own hinge that swings forward and backward easily, causing problems when trying to get the figure to stand. It was a bit difficult to do but I tried to roll down the boots as far as possible and squeezed a bit of super glue into the space near the ball joint. Hopefully when the blob of glue cures the hinge won’t move. It’s strange to have a hinge like that – I thought it would be better for ankle articulation if it moved sideways instead. That would not compromise on the ability to stand.

Edit 2: I glued the hinge in the wrong position and the ankle cups couldn’t fit! They ought to have been positioned in the neutral position when I glued them. After a few hours dripping nail polish remover into the glued area I was finally able to use brute force to move the ball joint inside the foot far enough to fit the ankles.


6 thoughts on “My first foray into 1/6”

  1. This is interesting.. we have a lot of these doll bodies and really nice heads in my local hobby shops, but they really seem to be pretty expensive for me. But the variety is awesome, you could make yourself a bruce lee or whoever actor that is cool in some movie. =3 Anyway, nice haul, 😀 Maybe you need a miniature comb for her! haha! 😀

    1. I found out that the bodies themselves aren’t that expensive, and it’s usually the accessories that cost more since most of them are tiny to begin with. The heads are the most expensive but just like any other doll/figure they are the most important part of the figure.

      When you make your very own figure you’ll realize that eventually all the little things add up to cost a lot too…

  2. Great effort she looks pretty 😀 yeah I seen many 1/6 parts and accessories for sale for this last 2 years, apparently customized 1/6 also pretty popular at some local forum but mostly making some military soldier or a movie/music star/sport hero which no 1/6 figure company made yet

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