figma Nyaruko

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san is a brainless parody anime and an example of how Japan can take a dump all over Lovecraftian mythology and turn it into an anime with barely any reference to the original thing. In the end I still watched it for the Kamen Rider references.

IMG_0025 - Copy

IMG_0026 - Copy

IMG_0027 - CopyIMG_0067 - Copy

Over 3300 JPY for such a small, barebones package. Man I remember the days when figmas in similar sized boxes cost 1000 yen less…

IMG_0028 - Copy

And you only get 2 faces, 2 accessories and 9 hands.

IMG_0029 - Copy

IMG_0030 - CopyIMG_0031 - CopyIMG_0032 - Copy

IMG_0033 - Copy

IMG_0034 - CopyIMG_0035 - CopyIMG_0036 - Copy

Overall views. Most of her clothing is made of soft plastic. The 2 bits of hair on the sides of the head are also soft plastic. The back of the hair is also quite plain and has very little sculpted detail.

IMG_0038 - Copy

IMG_0039 - CopyIMG_0040 - Copy

There are 3 expressions in total but I would have liked a more normal face instead of a permanently winking smiling face. Her huge ahoge connects to her head via a peg and can be adjusted. It’s not made of soft plastic though, so you still need to be a bit careful when handling it.

IMG_0041 - Copy

The checkered printing is quite cleanly done.

IMG_0042 - Copy

The huge ribbon at the back of the waist is glued to the body via a small peg on the black part of her dress which is made of soft plastic, and feels a bit fragile when you mess with the figure.

IMG_0043 - Copy

I think the feet are made of black plastic as the feet are slightly darker than the rest of the legs.

IMG_0044 - Copy

I’m not sure what the official translation for this is. I think it’s called a crowbar-like thing or something Space CQC.

IMG_0045 - Copy

Another one of her Space CQC. It’s attached firmly to the right hand via a peg. All her non-generic hands are one-sided, so there is only 1 right hand for holding the crowbar and a right hand for holding the grenade.

IMG_0046 - CopyIMG_0047 - Copy

Articulation is quite good due to the fairly simple design.

IMG_0048 - Copy

The head and arms are standard fare. There is also some degree of waist articulation though the soft dress material usually tends to bend back to its default position.

IMG_0050 - CopyIMG_0051 - Copy

The legs are the part of this figure that shine. The skirt pieces are made of separate front and back pieces so they can split. I guess it’s the advantage of having a skirt, as other figures like T-elos are really limited in this department.

IMG_0053 - Copy

IMG_0054 - Copy

Kamen R●der Agito

IMG_0055 - Copy

R●der Kick

IMG_0056 - Copy

There is only one left hand with the peace sign so I can’t make it do the V3 pose.

IMG_0057 - Copy

IMG_0058 - Copy

Kabuto Zecter Space CQC

IMG_0059 - Copy

IMG_0060 - Copy

My Hissatsu Attack, Part 2

IMG_0062 - Copy

Max Factory has been putting in effort into the posteriors of their recent releases.

IMG_0063 - Copy

R●der Henshin

IMG_0064 - Copy

R●der Henshin #2

IMG_0065 - Copy

IMG_0066 - Copy

With the wide articulation range and being a parody series people have been going crazy putting this figure into all sorts of parody poses involving accessories from other toys. The figure itself has quite a bit of play value in this respect but is otherwise still expensive for a release with such a small volume. I should have gotten the Nendoroid version instead with its superior dismayed face…



5 thoughts on “figma Nyaruko”

    1. It has very little extras and for that high asking price I was really put off. I have slowed down buying figmas and Nendoroids but this could very well be my last one.

      Not that it helps my wallet anyway; I end up buying way more expensive rubbish…

      1. Yeah that’s the problem in buying Figmas and Nendos, really high prices lately, but unless you do regular photoshoots or comics with them, they’re basically always on display. 😀 As for gunplas, we can tinker with them using our mad modelling skills lol! 😀

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