Super Robot Chogokin Drill Set of Manliness

I initially wanted to combine this review with my previous one but didn’t have enough time to take photos of everything within one session, so this should be a fairly short review. This is an add-on accessory set that allows your SRC Gurren Lagann to be displayed in Full Drillized mode and also has effect parts to recreate the Giga Drill Breaker finisher.

IMG_0010 - Copy

IMG_0011 - Copy

IMG_0012 - Copy

For a price of around 2600 JPY you get over two dozen drills and the Giga Drill effect parts. There is also a Crossover Joint adapter to use the drill effect with other SRC figures.

IMG_0013 - Copy

To equip the drills you just have to be patient and peg them into place one by one. There are no magnets involved, just sore fingers. The 2 drills on the collar are made of rigid plastic for some unknown reason while all the other drills are soft plastic. There are no spares so if you lose any one of them you’re done for. If they fit poorly you’ll just have to randomly swap around and try again.

IMG_0014 - Copy

With 28 drills and the 4 included with the GL itself you get 32 drills in total.

IMG_0015 - Copy

The forehead crest can also be exchanged to give 33 drills.

IMG_0016 - Copy

It’s harder to handle the toy with the drills equipped as they poke everywhere and get bent out of shape easily. If you insert them properly they should all stay on quite firmly.

IMG_0017 - Copy

IMG_0018 - Copy

The Giga Drill is made of hollow plastic but the figure cannot support it without the use of a stand, not to mention the fact that the shoulder joints are already on the loose side to begin with. The hand is removed and the drill plugs into the ball joint on the forearm.

IMG_0019 - Copy

There is a hole on the side of the drill for you to use a stand to support.

IMG_0020 - Copy

IMG_0022 - Copy

The spinning effect part simply slides over the existing drill making it even heavier. By this point you really need to use a stand to support it. The spinning effect also has a hole for the stand to plug into.

IMG_0023 - Copy

IMG_0024 - Copy

For a 2600 yen add-on kit I would have expected something more, like the use of magnets instead of merely pegs, or Bandai could have at least gave a simple base to support the drill. It’s expensive and disappointing but still a rather vital accessory add-on.



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