Astray RF WIP Final

Happy Lunar New Year!

I finally finished the Astray on Saturday afternoon and scrambled to clean up the mess that was my room, and made it just in time. No pictures of the finished model yet as I am still figuring out how to get my setup done. With the spray booth packed away, my main table is now occupied by my PC so I can’t just move things around to set up my background.

2013-02-08 23.57.56

The pile of remains from the decal work. I used a few of the included dry transfers for some of the markings but many of them had to be applied on non-flat surfaces so I used waterslides by Samuel Decal. I thought it would be easier to apply the really large ones on the Tactical Arms but I was dead wrong.

2013-02-09 00.03.50

All the decals were applied on Friday but I couldn”t spray a final top coat as we are having daily afternoon storms. I waited until Saturday morning and quickly got everything done. As expected, we had an afternoon shower.

2013-02-09 00.05.25

The hands were painted by hand. Not sure whether the horrible job is due to my frayed brush or unsteady hands from the lack of practice.

This has been a busy week! School work picked up while there were lots of other things going on, and I was scrambling to finish up this guy. In the meantime, I’ll try to get pictures up as soon as I can, but I have to do all the customary new year obligations such as the once-a-year visits to relatives.

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