Astray RF WIP 3.4 – Paying the Price

Over the past week all the red parts have been painted silver.

2013-01-30 15.54.02

I didn’t have enough clear red paint so I had to slow down a bit and go for a quick resupply trip on Saturday. I was left with only the red parts for the legs.

Today was a rainy day which brought relief to the blazing heat this week, and I paid the price for trying to top coat my parts on a cool night.

2013-02-04 00.03.12

The part on the left was top coated earlier, while the right one was done at night after the rain. Now I have a bunch of parts with a completely different texture. I’ll have to wait and hope I can fix things tomorrow by spraying another layer.

In the meantime I got myself some fans for my computer.

2013-02-02 11.11.49

There’s a drive bay adapter for my SSD, 4 el cheapo 8cm fans, a 12cm fan filter, an Akasa Viper 12cm PWM fan, and a 3.5″ drive bay fan controller.

My Cooler Master case isn’t very good at cooling due to its fairly small size. There are 5 fan locations on the case and 3 of them only support the small 8cm fans. The vent on the side panel can take up to 12cm but I cannot use it due to its poor positioning (right beside the graphics card) and my graphics card completely taking up the width of the case. I got all these from Dealextreme and out of the 4 8cm fans I bought, one of them broke apart even before I installed it. The hub holding the motor and propeller simply broke off the square frame. Can’t expect much from a $3 USD fan.

The fan controller feels really cheap and fits poorly but at least it’s working, with all the knobs having different stiffness. I was tempted to get one of those larger ones with LCD panels showing temperature and fan speeds but my case only has one 5.25″ drive bay. The drive bay adapter had mounting holes which were slightly out of alignment with the case, requiring a lot of effort to install. I also decided to change the stock included 12cm fan on the top of the case to a PWM type with a mesh filter. Hopefully with PWM I can keep the fan noise down. On the other hand I can’t tell whether it has a better performance than the stock fan. I found out that the mesh restricted the air flow. My non-modular power supply is still troublesome as the huge bunch of unused cables really affects the air circulation adversely. Maybe in future I’ll buy a modular one, and a better CPU cooler too. My choices are limited due to height constraints so I can’t get those tower heatsinks as they are usually over 12cm tall. I spent the whole of Saturday getting everything installed. Was held back due to the horrible quality of these things (except for the 12cm PWM fan) as well as the user-unfriendliness of my case. The front takes an 8cm fan but the mounting holes are differently sized compared to the rest of the fan mounting areas and was a pain to install.


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