Astray RF WIP 3.2

Oops, I’m overdue for an update. Again, I haven’t been getting much done this past week. It’s almost the end of the second week of school and I’m still trying to salvage whatever holiday mood while I can, and playing RO2 all day.

2013-01-23 23.44.17

It’s not clear in the picture above but I got most of the colours done. In my previous update I showed the pre-shading on the white parts; over the past 2 weeks I painted more white and managed to get the shadowing to look half decent. I also slapped on a layer of clear so they are ready to get decals and panel lines. Apart from the white parts I also got the light gray waist pieces done. I took the easy way out and dug up the mix I used for the beam rifles on my WZC. I also just finished working on the black parts. For these the colour guide suggested a 90% midnight blue + 10% white mix, but mine had more white. It completely concealed my earlier pre-shade attempt so I did a post-shade with black paint, but the results are not very obvious.

Now I’m left with the gold and red parts and for the red ones there are so many of them and so many layers of paint required.

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