Astray RF WIP 3.1

I didn’t do anything major over the past week so here’s a small update.

2013-01-01 15.59.37

I got the red parts painted black. It took several sessions of painting as there was a ton of parts, and this is merely the first of several other layers of paint.

2013-01-05 21.05.30

Also attempted to pre-shade all the other parts. I used a more heavily thinned black paint as I was tired of my previous attempts which resulted in near invisible shadowing. I had problems getting my airbrush to behave predictably when I was doing this. Paint only started spraying when I pulled the trigger back almost 1/3 of the way, and the position seemed to keep changing and created black patches or runs here and there. I could not get myself to spray fine lines. Later on I adjusted the position of the needle so that paint would come out the moment I pulled back on the trigger and things have been smooth since. Hopefully I can get enough coats of white to cover up my horrible shading.

I need to write a report for my final year project and submit it by 15 January. Still spending my weekdays in school attempting to finish writing it. In the end I usually end up slacking.


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