MG Astray RF WIP 3

I’m still lacking the motivation to get anything done. Instead of buying canned sprays this time round I managed to buy a bottle of primer and I was shocked at how much I had been cheated all these years. A fairly complex kit like the Astray used up less than a bottle. In contrast, if I were to use canned sprays, it would probably take at least 2 cans and each can is just over double the price of 1 bottle. So much savings in cost I felt like shooting myself.

2012-12-27 20.34.28

With my lack of motivation I took a long time to get the parts primed. You may have noticed that the white coloured parts are still white; I decided to use Mr Base White 1000 on them instead. I felt that the opacity of Mr Color’s white paint is really low so it would take many coats of white just to cover up the gray base colour.

Oh and for those of you out there who celebrate Christmas, what gifts did you receive? Well again my next kit has been decided by someone else.

2012-12-30 12.46.47

It’s a HGUC kit that I got as a gift all the way from Japan, hahahah! Details aside I had been thinking about trying out an RG or buying the newly released Nu Ver.ka but my evil plans have been foiled again. Not a bad thing since I have been spending too much money on PVCs this year.

4 thoughts on “MG Astray RF WIP 3”

  1. Though expensive, I am still using canned primer, hahahah
    Saves me time to quickly spray to check the texture after mod 😀

    Happy New Year!

    1. You’re right, it’s still good to keep a can or two on standby for such things. Since I didn’t do any mods on my Astray I could afford to use my airbrush to prime it.

  2. I still think you use too much 😛 . For an MG I use about 8-10ml (or less) of primer, before thinning. But this can vary with the primer you use. I’m assuming you are using Mr Surfacer, which is what I normally use and it covers so well, plus you can thin it A LOT, you really don’t need much of it.

    Spray cans are mighty convenient but they are indeed way more expensive. I use them on occasion when the convenience trumps the cost benefit.

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