Astray RF WIP 2.5

Progress has been particularly slow due to me spending my weekdays in school, and being at the most boring stage of the build – sanding. People are going on holidays while I’m spending my second vacation in a row stuck doing something else with not jeopardizing my final year project as an excuse. I’m also lacking the motivation to do anything else. All I want to do is just build a kit with my awesome Tamiya side cutters alone. I got a little addicted to using them to cut stuff.

Blogger Aya suggested a very interesting idea to mount both swords on one side of the waist like the PG Astray. I decided to make this happen by making a simple connector piece. Since I already disassembled the kit I won’t have any results to show just yet.

2012-12-18 01.18.15

Scavenged a pair of polycaps normally used in the heads of 1/100 scale Gundam kits. All I had to do was to make a frame to hold them so I cut some 1mm sheet styrene and trimmed it to the above shape.

2012-12-18 20.23.23

The assembly was held together using a bit of epoxy putty.

2012-12-20 22.54.04

Didn’t have any ideas on how to add detail to the part so I just stuck some strips on the exposed sides. The top and bottom will probably be hidden by the scabbard. One end will connect to the scabbard mount while the other will replace the existing side skirt.

Happy holidays!


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