Astray RF WIP 2

2012-12-16 23.55.19

Nothing much in terms of photos this week. Everything was disassembled and separated into trays. As expected, it was troublesome dealing with the layered assemblies. I see myself using up several cans of primer and top coat again. Every time I go for a resupply trip and pick the bottled primer for airbrushing the shopkeeper would strongly recommend using the spray cans instead, giving reasons such as not worrying that your airbrush would be clogged. Maybe he can profit more from selling those spray cans.

As far as sanding goes there aren’t many obvious nub marks or seams, but there are flash lines on many parts to deal with. The biggest culprit is the two swords. Maybe in the end I’m wasting my time sanding areas that become hidden when assembled.

2012-12-12 22.52.40

And this was what happened to my tube of putty when I tried to roll it up. There was a tear in the tube which made almost the entire tube harden. I can force a bit out the top but it seems to have dried a little. I don’t think I’ll need a lot for this kit so I’ll make do with what’s left.


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