Astray RF WIP 1.5

Got the weapons built within a day, the base on another. There are enough parts to convert the Tactical Arms to the one used by the Blue Frame 2R except it doesn’t have beam effects for the Sword Arms.

2012-12-03 00.28.44

Articulation on this guy is fantastic, especially the double jointed ankles and jointed ankle armour parts that move out of the way and really provide a wide range of motion.

2012-12-02 21.31.01

A look at the one chrome plated runner for the kit before removing the blades. It’s too bad the blades have black nub marks on them.

IMG_3717 - Copy

The guy is ridiculously back-heavy.

IMG_3719 - Copy

The handle/beam torch sticking out the back this way makes things worse than they already are.

IMG_3720 - Copy

With the Tactical Arms removed, it’s much easier to get him to stand properly.

IMG_3721 - Copy

IMG_3722 - Copy



7 thoughts on “Astray RF WIP 1.5”

    1. I think Alclad II chrome paints can produce such high levels of shine (and the most expensive). Otherwise you’ll have to use those polishing powders. Nothing beats the mirror finish of the original plating though.

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