A much-needed equipment upgrade

Oh, looks like WordPress pulled another change. I’m not sure whether it will adversely affect all my previous posts though. There’s a new file uploader and the code for the images might have changed a bit. And after so many years it’s finally able to insert multiple images at the same time. God knows how many hours I’ve wasted waiting to insert images one by one into a post.

Another week blew by and in just a few days’ span I got my final exams over and done with and started building the Astray RF. Who knew that my plastic cutter would decide to break just as I started so I decided to go for a much-needed upgrade.

2012-12-01 17.04.16

The one on the left is a Bandai labelled plastic cutter which I have been using for many years. I abused it and used it to cut metal, and the blades also became misaligned. With this cutter I’ve been removing nubs using a knife so assembly alone took a long time. The spring finally broke so I went to buy a Tamiya cutter which cost much more. The new cutter sped things up by a lot. I think it deserves a lick of red paint and a blade antenna somewhere. In less than 2 days I got various parts assembled.

2012-12-01 17.25.04
Compared to most other MG kits this guy is built by layering parts since it kinda has its inner frame exposed. It’s going to be a huge pain disassembling and re-assembling this thing.

2012-12-01 21.42.12
The V-fin pops off easily. Not surprising since it’s so fragile and perches precariously on the head.

2012-12-01 21.42.53
I wanted to use the articulated hands on this kit but it turns out that this guy has small hands. It’s going to look weird if I replace them with the fully articulated hands.

2012-12-02 15.55.45
The legs are also complex with multiple sliding armour mechanisms for the knees and thighs. There’s some piston action going on but it has some unusual design so I can’t stick silver tape on them this time.

2012-12-02 17.11.23

The waist armour pieces are mounted on an arm that can swing outwards. Maybe they allow the legs to swing higher.

Working on the weapons right now. This is a great kit right out the box so I’m going to keep it stock (and I don’t have much of a vacation anyway).

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