Premium Parts Collection Mechanical Hand “Kimete”

One week just breezed by and I thought of posting more frequently to make up for the lack of content >_<

Next in my backlog of random junk I want to write about: I got this from the 2011 Summer Wonder Festival but never got around to actually using it. It’s basically a set of fully articulated hands by Hobby Base. Here I have the 1/100 scale version. There is also a 1/144 one and other variants include different colours and more recently, rounded fingers for Zeon-style MS.

It was sold for 600 yen but I’m sure you can find it for cheaper nowadays.

In the package you actually get a pair of fists alongside the fully articulated hands. You can also choose 1 of 2 different styles for the armour part on the back of the palm. For the fixed fists one is the conventional look while the other has an extra bit sticking out near the index finger like the hand of the MG Hi-Nu. The package calls it “beam armour”. For the fixed fists there are 2 thumb styles to choose from, one with the thumb straight. Strangely for the articulated hands the 2 armour styles are different from those for the fists. You get an angled armour part instead of the Hi-Nu style. Lastly for the wrist connection you can choose between a 5.5mm peg or a 7.5mm peg.

The hands boast 20 points of articulation and are definitely as good as PG style hands. However the package recommends that these hands are used for fixed poses and should be glued after posing. They seem to be made out of ABS plastic and there are some flash lines from the molding especially around the joints on each finger.

Despite claiming to be 1/100 scale they are actually slightly larger than the stock hands on MGs. If they don’t look too large I might use it on my MG Astray as it definitely deserves these hands for its super robot poses.


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