Mugen Puchi Puchi

I wanted to announce that I will be going on a short, 2 week hiatus as my final exams were coming up (and I didn’t have any new toys to review). However I thought that maybe I should just stick in some other interesting content (ha ha) rather than to stay dead for 2 weeks, so I decided to finally write “mini-reviews” about the random toys that I keep on buying and promised to write about since eons ago.

I initially tried to use the WordPress app on my phone to do everything but there are just some things that a smartphone can’t do easily even when I am writing short posts like this one. As you can tell by the file names these pictures have been sitting around for ages and I finally decided to actually write about them. Not that I’ll be writing much anyway.

Oh, I ought to do a little housekeeping and split the toys category as I currently lump all toys under a single category. Maybe I should split the reviews page as well, it’s getting a bit long.

Starting off with the Mugen Puchi Puchi which is an electronic bubble wrap simulating keychain.

As an electronic bubble wrap simulating keychain it runs off a pair of included LR44 batteries and is roughly 4 x 4 cm. When you press any of the 8 rubbery buttons, a speaker plays a popping sound. For every 100 pops the speaker will play one of several unusual sound clips such as a farting noise or a boing. It’s a rather old novelty toy, released back in 2007.

As an attempt to simulate the spiritual experience that is popping bubble wrap, I’d say this is just a passable attempt. The buttons, while rubbery, still require more force to press than real bubble wrap, and the underlying button mechanism is the clicky membrane type which you’d find on a microwave control panel. While the membrane button gives a sharper tactile feel I think the use of a rubber chiclet button like those on a TV remote would have worked better and made the buttons easier to push. It also doesn’t provide any sense of achievement that you get when you pop all the bubbles on actual bubble wrap.

Anyway, this thing retails for 500 yen (if I remember correctly) which means it is ridiculously overpriced. I got this at a clearance sale last year for much cheaper.

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