figma T-elos

From Xenosaga III comes a figma figure of T-elos who finally joins her rival after over a year. My knowledge of the character comes only from the SRT OG Saga game though. After the grand package that was figma KOS-MOS, I was surprised to see that T-elos came with far fewer accessories but still cost almost 4000 yen at retail.

Also due to the daily afternoon downpours my photos have recently been especially horrible-looking. Pardon my lack of photography skills as I try to make up using some Photoshop and messing around with curves.

As you can tell from the horrible lighting it’s practically dark outside when I took these pictures in the afternoon.

Accessories for this figure are: Hand Sword attachment, blade effect, Hand Gun, visor in deployed mode, extra chest piece, 2 extra faces, stand attachment and 4 pairs of hands. There are a pair of fists, a pair of open hands, a pair of hands for holding her gun and a pair of generic item-holding hands which are useless unless you make her hold other items not included with the figure itself.

Overall views. I forgot to attach the Hand Sword attachment though. T-elos isn’t merely a recolour as she shares few similarities with KOS-MOS.

She comes with 3 faces in total. Here is the expressionless face. Notice the stamp printing and the nice clear part on her visor. Some people have complained that her lips aren’t blue enough, but that’s fine with me.

Extra faces are a smiling/provoking face and a shouting face. Faces are swapped by removing both the fringe and visor first. I also noticed that the sculpt of the mouth on the shouting face is quite detailed.

Here we have the visor deployed by removing her fringe and swapping parts.

Body. The paint job is fairly well-done. I’m not sure whether it’s a quality control issue but her lower body seems a bit asymmetrical.

However the lower arms are clearly asymmetrically designed.

Like KOS-MOS, her hair is on a pair of joints. Her headgear also has some stamp printing which is hard to see in this photo. Her hair also uses translucent parts but has a green gradient painted on towards the ends, which puts her one level above KOS-MOS’ entirely blue translucent hair.

The thing on the waist is made of soft plastic and is also stamp printed. I’m not sure whether it’s a quality issue but mine appears to be asymmetrically positioned. Like her rival she also has a more detailed posterior which some people have also complained isn’t big enough.

Her right thigh has some nice skindentation. Due to the design around the ankles the ankle joints are almost useless, and her pointy feet make it difficult to balance the figure.

A closer look at the thing on her right thigh.

She shares a similar articulation range as KOS-MOS. She can look up a little, the chest can rotate all the way around and has some forward/backward range.

Her arms can be raised quite high until the upper arm things bump into her head. The wide range of the chest joint is great but twisting her too much makes her look weird.

Unfortunately leg articulation is severely restricted despite the use of soft plastic for her lower body. There is also barely any range in her ankles. This makes the included stand vital but the peg in her back seems a bit shallow. The stand attachment helps connect the figure to the stand at an angle so that the stand arm doesn’t get in the way of her hair too much.

The legs still have some sideways range though.

… A fairly good reason to buy this figure.

Attaching the blade effect is a pain. You have to remove the hand, insert the effect part on the wrist attachment and reinsert the hand. However the blade gets in the way of the hand and it is difficult to get the hand back in place without dislodging the wrist attachment.

Her Hand Gun looks identical to that of KOS-MOS except with different colours.

The extra chest part used for her chest cannon uses hard plastic. There are sharp points and one has to beware of breakage when fiddling with it.

After taking this picture I finally got around to attaching the wrist thing on her left arm which I think ought to be there the entire time.

Oops, I forgot to turn her head the right way.

Side-by-side comparison with KOS-MOS.

T-elos is fairly overpriced for a figure with so few accessories. Maybe the reason for her price is her rare skin colour and a fairly good paint job. Since dark-skinned figma figures are rare her dark skin may make it difficult for part swappers to play with. Also of note is a valiant effort to hide the hip joints and make the waist area as natural-looking as possible, though at the expense of hip articulation. It’s similar to the waist area on figma plugsuit Rei. All in all a good-looking figure that is better as a complement to KOS-MOS.


6 thoughts on “figma T-elos”

  1. Cool, now you have both of them and… I can see some action between them.
    I guessed this is more for folks who wanted a complete set as the price and number of items present…

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