How to play the LBX board mini-game [Danball Senki]

I was surprised to see that Danball Senki/Danbooru Senki was a more popular series than I had initially thought. I bought a kit recently and it had a mini-game that used the inside of the box and seemed interesting, so I thought maybe I could write a how-to post about the basic rules of the board game. Note that this is mostly a direct translation of the text in the box – please correct me if I have made any mistakes.

This game is different from the ones in the packages of LBX from Season 1 of the anime (Series No. 001 – 017), which is mostly a sumo wrestling-style game where you try to push your opponent out of the field. This is a turn-based fighting game.

Danball Senki D-Egg Custom Dice Battle: Basic Rules

1. About D-Egg Custom Dice Battle

Move and attack on a Battle Field using your LBX plastic model! The first player to make his opponent’s LBX Break Over* wins! Master the strategies to win: Customizing your LBX and moving tactically! It’s possible to play 1 vs 1 and Team Battles! Each box can hold up to 2 LBX units. Connect more boxes to expand the field of play!

* Break Over = When LP (Life Point) counter reaches 0. Explained in Section 4!

What you need to prepare (for LBX 1 vs 1):

  1. Battle Field (underside of plastic model box): 2 boxes
  2. LBX (you’ll also need the Core Part inside its body) and AP (Attack Point) Dice: 2 sets

2. Setting

Place your Battle Field against your opponent’s Field. For your teammates, connect theirs to your left and right. You can count the half-sized squares (hexagons actually) on the left and right sides as whole squares. Before starting the game, put your LBX in your preferred Start square.

* If 1 box set contains 2 LBX, use both Start squares.

3. Names of Parts

AP Dice

Battle Field

4. Actual Gameplay


Your LBX and its AP Dice are linked. If you change parts on your LBX, you have to exchange the corresponding AP Dice Plates on your AP Dice. You must have at least 1 each of the following Plates: Head, Body, Arm, Leg. There are LBX with 2 Plates for 1 body part. Example: 2 Arm Plates. In that case, you must use 2 of those Plates when customizing. Customize and build your original LBX using all 6 sides of your AP Dice!

Setting the LP Gauge

Add up the values on all 6 sides of your AP Dice. This is the LP value of your LBX (LP = health). Place your LBX Core Part on the LP Gauge to mark it’s LP value.

* If 1 box set contains 2 LBX, place 2 Core Parts on the LP Gauge. Remember which Core Part belongs to which LBX!

Dice Throw

Dice Throws are used to determine the turn order, moving and attacking. You must throw the AP Dice linked to your LBX. Throw your Dice inside your Battle Field. A successful throw counts when only 1 side faces up. All other cases are counted as a failure and your turn ends.

* Dice Throw/Throw = When you throw your Dice inside your Battle Field.

Deciding the Turn Order

Before starting play, you and your opponent throw your dice at the same time. Whoever with the highest AP value starts first. After that, take turns playing. You can make 1 LBX move per turn. In team battles, the LBX used in one turn cannot be used immediately in the next turn.


Each turn begins by moving. Before throwing the dice, call out the name of the LBX you are using. LBX movement is counted by 1 square = 100 AP. When moving, you will be stopped when you reach a square occupied by your opponent’s LBX. You cannot move back to the same square you were on previously when you started moving. When moving you cannot pass through the same square twice or more. 1 square only holds 1 LBX. Another LBX that arrives cannot occupy the same square. You cannot pass through another LBX. When crossing into your opponent’s Battle Field, you can only do so via the To Opponent’s Field squares. You are not restricted when moving left and right across boxes.

Normal Attack

There are 2 attack types: Melee and Ranged. When conditions allow, you can attack after moving by doing a dice throw.

* LBX with no Weapon Plates will only have Melee attacks.

Conditions for Melee Attacking

When your LBX wields swords or other melee weapons. You can attack when you are directly beside your opponent in the same Battle Field. With a dice throw, all plates will give you a successful attack.

Conditions for Ranged Attacking

When your LBX wields guns or other ranged weapons. You can attack when your LBX is 2 or more squares away from your opponent. After a dice throw, Weapon or Arm plates will give you a successful attack.

Before your dice throw, call out the name of the LBX you wish to attack. When an attack is successful, the damage dealt is equal to the AP value revealed on the dice. The defending LBX takes damage and moves his Core Part accordingly on his LP Gauge. When an LBX’s LP value reaches 0, it Breaks Over = defeat!

Field Effects

There are squares on the Battle Field with bonuses to movement, attack and recovery. Use them to your advantage in battle!

No Step Square

You cannot pass through these squares. Same goes for areas with No Step written.

LP Recover Square: Recover

When you enter this square, do a dice throw again. If the icon matches the one on the square, it counts as a successful recovery! The sum of the AP value on the dice and the bonus on the square determines how much LP you recover. Move the Core Part on your LP Gauge accordingly. You cannot recover more than your maximum LP. You cannot attack from this square.

Attack Function Square: Attack

You can perform an Attack Function from this square on any opponent regardless of distance. Once you enter this square, do a dice throw again! If the icon on the dice matches the one on the square, you will perform an Attack Function! The total damage done is the sum of the AP value on the dice and the square. You can still perform a normal attack if the Attack Function fails.

Icon Bonus Square: Movement/Attack

When you do a dice throw for movement, if the icon on the dice and the square matches, you get added bonus to your AP value.


When you are used to battling, try out a 3 vs 3 team battle using 4 boxes! You can play with your own original rules! Besides these basic rules, there can be other rules as well.


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