SH Figuarts EX Cyclone (The First Ver.)

The SHF EX bikes have always put me off because they were mostly exclusives which I missed out on and were ridiculously expensive most of the time, so my Kamen Riders ended up as Kamen Walkers. However I found this one on clearance and decided that at least one of my Walkers deserved an upgrade to Rider status.

You don’t get much in the package; besides the bike itself you get an extra pair of handlebars molded in soft plastic and a clear stand. I can’t think of a use for those soft handlebars. Maybe it’s to avoid them breaking if you drop the toy or something. It would have been better if a pair of hands designed for holding the handlebars were included instead.

The bike itself looks superb – if all the other ones looked this good I guess the high price is justified. The mufflers are painted to look like they are partially oxidised by heat (not sure what exactly it means).

The headlights are not coloured but are made of clear plastic. The front fork has steering action.

Nothing to see behind the windshield though.

The brake disks on both wheels turn along with the free-rolling wheels and look awesome. Just check out the molded holes in the disks. The tyres are not made of rubber but their matte finish makes them look convincing enough.

The back wheel rolls as well but as expected the drivetrain is static. You do get some spring suspension action on the rear though.

It’s quite hard to see but the engine block and radiator is inside the body cowling.

Since I don’t have a The First rendition of #1 I’ll use my The Next version instead.

With the kickstand raised the bike can be kept upright by placing the rear wheel in the clear stand.

I’m not good with bike poses.

In the end I couldn’t think of better poses due to the constraints of gravity. You can’t pull off all the wire-fu displayed in the movies unless you use two stands.

The bike is great-looking, but most of the other bikes were released as exclusives and are therefore very difficult to come by for a good price. I think Agito’s Machine Tornader is my favourite but it’s a rare item now…



6 thoughts on “SH Figuarts EX Cyclone (The First Ver.)”

  1. Nice bike 😀 I like the Next version coloring,about SHFEX I heard they made of entirely plastic and for less than half the price you can get die-cast bike with same scale is that true ?
    I want battle hopper back then but the price is so silly @_@ don’t have black either, G3’s bike also nice I think

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