SH Figuarts Hana (19 years old Ver.)

Some time ago I went to a toy clearance sale and found some toys going for cheap. Among them was the RD Eva-02 and Eva-02 Beast. *sigh* I saw Hana being cleared and being an unwitting sucker for Den-O merchandise I bought her. I said I was unwitting because I realised I have quite a lot of Den-O related merchandise. I haven’t done a review in a while and I forgot to show the figure’s articulation this time.

The box condition isn’t at its best as the toys were simply strewn in a huge pile.

I think this is the first female Figuart (this one time I posted pictures of the first SHF female blank body and strangely it’s one of my most-viewed posts on this blog), and it sure doesn’t look too encouraging. You get 2 extra expressions and one extra pair of hands.

Overall views. Right from the beginning I had problems with this figure’s articulation. Despite being a Figuart it is fairly limited, and almost every joint is too loose. In terms of appearance it’s also a bit of a downer. The sculpt is rough in some areas, and the joints are more obvious than on a figma figure.

Bandai decided to give this rendition of Hana an anime-inspired look as they are very bad at sculpting faces anyway. Notice the skin coloured area around her collar is badly painted and has a slightly different colour compared to the molded plastic.

Extra expressions are a poker face and a shouting face. She’s portrayed like a queen on the Denliner, has way more guts than the main protagonist and she beats the Imagin on board into submission as well.

Her waist is quite nicely detailed but her blouse looks really rough it seems like it’s made of stone. The skirts are separate pieces but they are rigid plastic and hinder leg articulation.

The arms have the Figuarts style ball-jointed shoulders but they don’t have much range and detract from the appearance. The elbow is a single joint but is an eyesore. The wrist joint is a smaller version of the usual flexible joint but the hands are loose and pop off easily.

The hip joints are identical to those on figures like Black/Kuuga, so she can’t cross her legs. The skirt hinders them anyway so front-back range is still limited. The knees are double-jointed, and while the ankles use the ball-shaped joint like a Revoltech the pegs are angled in a strange way so you have to fiddle with the feet quite a bit to get them in the direction you want. Her shoes look really goofy.

As I mentioned earlier the joints are loose. She has a flexible waist joint which flops around, and both sides of the double neck joint like to spring back to its original position, giving the head very little range of movement.

The skirt is rigid so you cannot position her arms by her sides.

While the ankle joints seem restricted at first, you have to mess with them quite a while to get them nicely positioned.

Due to the shape of the skirt the legs can still flex sideways a fair bit.

Time for her to beat Momotaros into submission.

Given that this is Bandai’s first attempt at a female Figuart there is a lot of room for improvement, though by now even when I look at the Pretty Cure figures they don’t seem to be much of an improvement. Luckily I got this one for cheap so I can’t complain much.


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