Delta Plus WIP 3

I mentioned about the Delta Plus in my previous post, but I don’t really think it constituted much of an update. This post will also be a quick one. I finally primed the kit over 4 days, and began to work on checking the surfaces. Of course, there are many parts that turned out to need some extra patching up after the primer revealed the mistakes. Good thing I didn’t have to re-scribe many parts as I already did most of that before the priming stage. Sanding and re-priming took almost a week as some of the parts had to be re-sanded and primed a few times. Not many pictures to show as this is one of the more boring stages. I would like to spend more time working on this but I’ve been spending my weekdays in school all day.

At this point after more than 2 cans of primer I was satisfied with the outcome so I proceeded to dig out all my paints. Then I found out that one of my parts had gone missing. So painting will be delayed while I solve this problem.

In the meantime I just received another giant cardboard box of loot, and I haven’t been posting loot pictures lately, so I decided to do a somewhat consolidated post. My last toy review was about 3 months ago and since then I have been buying other kinds of stuff instead…

The last time I mentioned that I went down the rabbit hole, I wasn’t kidding. Shortly after reviewing the Revoltech Seegooey and claiming that I couldn’t find the PVC version on the second hand market I spotted this one on Mandarake back in May and couldn’t resist. If I remember correctly it’s opened but I got it for a not-too-gut-wrenchingly-expensive price.

And then 2 months later in July I spotted this one and jumped on it. This one was even harder to come across than Seegooey and also cost a fair bit of dough.

With the 2 Queen’s Blade characters finally out of the way, it’s on to some slightly newer stuff.

Not sure whether I mentioned this already but I still got a uniform Meduka after missing out on buying her direct from Japan and later on the uniform Hameru came along. Not pictured is the figma version of uniform Hameru which is lost in one of the many cardboard boxes all over my room. Didn’t get the Meguca form of Meduka because I was crazy enough to actually order the Ultimate Meguca statue. Oh dear…

And on to the new stuff that arrived today.

I swore to get both the figma and Nendoroid version one year ago and I kept my promise like a boss. I know the Nendoroid is quite a let-down though. Even the plush keychain I got from Animate back then did better for having the mini Ika Musume face.

Also got my grubby mitts on Yamada! She’s on the right with dat expression alongside Popura which I got some time ago. I enjoyed watching Working and especially loved Yamada’s antics in the second season.

Haha… not sure what to say now. I guess helping my friend order a bunch of statues made me get some for myself too.

Okay now I gotta get to work on that missing part.


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