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Just wanted to put up a post marking the end of my internship, where among other gifts and tokens (and my battle-damaged lab coat) I received the following…

Looks like my company already decided for me what kit to build next. 6 months blew by in a flash – a good part of one semester, and my entire summer vacation. So with the end of my internship and school looming (I already have to go to school tomorrow, and school officially resumes in full force in less than 2 weeks) I am going to start priming my Delta Plus. Yay… Can’t wait to resume normal uni life of daily classes all day… /s

Keeping up with the one-post-a-week goal, for the past week I did a few more miscellaneous tweaks to it before giving all the parts a little wash with some water and dishwashing agent. I normally don’t wash my kits before painting, but this time I had good reason to. I left my parts out in the open for weeks at a time, and with all the sanding and scribing they were bound to be dusty.

Set up my booth with a new box and lined the insides with newspaper – that ought to make it last longer without looking too horrible, and easier for me to fold down and store without making a huge dusty mess. Also changed the location a bit for better lighting and possibly less chance for me to dust up my entire room which I sleep in.


8 thoughts on “Post on random stuff”

    1. Yea :p A few of my colleagues pooled to buy that. I thought of building something simple in future like going back to 1/144 scale for instance but looks like I’ll be building me a Super Robot next.

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