Delta Plus WIP 2.4

Sorry for the relatively long absence. I aimed to push out an update weekly, but working on the legs took much longer than expected. I went on a resupply trip in the beginning of July and got some metal bits and bobs which I hopefully can make useful. I was overjoyed to be able to chance upon stuff I never managed to find before, like a bag of minus rivets, energy cable and barrel-shaped parts. I also bought some white generic markings and a generic aftermarket decal sheet for UC0096 EFSF grunts which should be good for replacing some of the stickers included with the kit. Didn’t go for Samuel Decal’s stuff this time as I was looking to replace the kit stickers so I didn’t really like his own version for the Delta Plus.

The legs are the most parts-intensive area of the entire kit, explaining the long time I spent on them. With the parts for one leg taking up an entire paper tray, they weigh the heaviest as well. Sanding took a fair bit of time. With the sanding done I proceeded to ruin them.

For the cylinders on the shins there was only one thing to do. This time however they were fairly large and I didn’t have a drill bit wide enough to enlarge the tube. In order to pull it off I had to find another way to get some clearance between the piston rod and the cylinder.

Leftover sprue sticks turned out to be the best material for the job as their diameter was slightly smaller than the original rod diameter. After sawing off the original stick and using a piece of sprue, the thing was put together with a bit of brass rod for structural strength and some super glue. Some of you may suggest that I should have just gotten myself some metal piping in the first place but I don’t have the right tools to cut through so much metal.

Next, the white conduits behind the knees were replaced with aftermarket metal equivalents. I was ecstatic to be able to come across these things which happened to be similarly sized as the originals. Apart from some extra bling and minor detail improvement, at this rate my Delta Plus is confirmed for Chogokin~

On to the exterior parts. I didn’t take many photos of individual bits, but put the legs together and snapped a general picture. Almost all the exterior parts were given panel lines as usual. Due to the need to replicate patterns for both legs, I spent a great deal of time fixing them to be symmetrical. Again, the zig-zag compound lines took a long time to scribe, and scribing itself was a nightmare on the small parts as it was nearly impossible to hold onto the part and keep the totally-not-sticky dymo tape from slipping while trying to use the scriber without your fingers getting in the way. I also added a little bit of plastic on the feet. Due to the design of the parts I couldn’t figure out a way to stiffen the toe joint feature which would make it stand better. I would have preferred a Zeta Ver.2.0 design or removing the toe joint altogether like the Zeta Plus.

One of the reasons why I take so long to scribe parts is because of the time spent fixing my mistakes. After slathering the mistakes with putty I actually leave them for almost 24 hours before sanding the excess. This is because Tamiya basic putty shrinks as it cures, so waiting longer instead of sanding right after it dries and applying in excess would give me fewer headaches. A particular group of parts would therefore take at least 2 days to complete, assuming I only need to fix my mistakes once.

Hopefully after this I can make it to Part 3. For now I’ll be doing a few miscellaneous tweaks here and there before priming, like fixing the hands, figuring out how to deal with the lack of thruster holes, etc.


5 thoughts on “Delta Plus WIP 2.4”

  1. Those aftermarket conduit parts really look nice! Shiny chrome! =3 Looks like scribing is real hard, takes a lot of effort I see.. I’ll go into this when I’m ready haha! XD

  2. Those metal power cables look good, but its all the extra detailing that you keep putting into the model that is really taking it up allot of notches.

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