To a dear friend

Yesterday on my way home after work I was checking out Facebook and was surprised to see a few notifications lit up when I fired the app. I got a few messages asking if I saw what was on K’s wall. I went to take a look and was stunned by what I saw – K suddenly passed away yesterday morning. I felt numb during the rest of my journey home.

I’ve known K for about 11 years, since secondary/middle school. We were never in the same class or club though. In 2009 we started the same course in university, flunked a few business classes together and gave up on pursuing our management double majors as well. He didn’t stay too far from my place; I often took detours home from school by taking the same buses as him as the bus I took had very low frequency and was almost always full. In 2011 I dragged him to sign up for Japanese lessons, which we have been attending weekly for the past year.

I don’t have many friends, only a few closer ones. People who don’t know me well probably think I’m a quiet person, but those that do know otherwise. K was a bit like the opposite of me most of the time, and I’m sure he had to put up with my antics as we shared many journeys home and I blabbered about everything under the sun. After all, there were few people in my social circle that I could talk to this way. He took everything lightly and I never saw him get angry – a few of his quirky foibles.

As the news spread I saw some of our schoolmates from middle school make comments expressing grief at the loss, or that they should have got to know him better. It made me feel difficult. The last time I met K was last Saturday, where I mocked him for being late for class again. Where he told me he had been playing games all night every night. Where he asked me about IPT (we were all conscripts before – it’s not important so I won’t bother explaining the terms). Less than a week later, something like this happened. There was so much left undone. Our peers have gone ahead with their lives, working, getting laid, starting families, traveling all over the world, but you and I were still struggling in school, single poorfags with so much to look forward to, so much yet to be done.

Social norms dictate that men must not be sentimental, etc. but to my friend K, it doesn’t matter whether you know it now. I’ve considered you as one of my close friends. Thank you for the company, especially putting up with my shenanigans for the past 3 years. You will be dearly missed.

I pray that you find happiness in whatever place you’ve left us for.

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