Delta Plus WIP 2.3

Yet another minor update, this time on the weapons. Despite saying “weapons” I only touched the shield. The beam rifle looked sufficiently detailed to me so I didn’t touch it.

Like everything else on the Delta Plus the shield looked plain especially on the underside so I went to town with the panel lines. However drawing lines on a curved surface proved to be fairly challenging. Also added a pair of canards on the underside for a little extra oomph and to balance out the line details a bit.

For the upper side I tried to scribe some shapes to make it look like there are some sensor arrays (didn’t want the Wave Rider to fly blind) but I failed horribly at trying to get the shapes to look identical. Probably a combination of curved surfaces, crap Dymo tape that just doesn’t stick well, and my noob scribing skills. After a few attempts I gave up, patched things with more putty, cut some clear sheet styrene since it’s the thinnest I have and stuck them over where the lines used to be. Now it looks like a mess so hopefully things turn out fine after I prime the parts. In the worse case scenario I may just scrap the whole idea entirely.

The pair of white grenade-like canisters mounted in the shield. In line with the typical design of micro-missiles in mech shows I cut off 1mm and added some similarly sized round molds.

Getting to the final stages of detail work – I’m also running low on time. One month left before school officially resumes and I haven’t even started priming this guy yet. :S


8 thoughts on “Delta Plus WIP 2.3”

    1. You really need to practice to pull it off well. Right now I can somewhat do it smoothly but when it comes to curved surfaces, I still can’t do it easily. Besides, some pros can even scribe curved lines. Wonder how they do it.

  1. nice scribing there, evolution!
    curve surface can be very challenging and irritating 😀

    what I saw at plamooutthere, they use a razor secured to something rigid. You can rotate the razor blade to any degree and tighten, that will help getting a constant curve.

    1. I saw that one too, but it’s for when you want to scribe lines that are parallel to a curved edge of the part right? If you want to scribe curved lines in other directions, I’m not so sure whether the rig will help.

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