Delta Plus WIP 2

I’ve been lazy with my updates again. Not accomplishing much these past few weeks has also been a good excuse.

As I mentioned previously the MG Delta Plus lacks details so I will be adding a little bit myself. I’m not good at this sort of thing so I decided to look at a few references.

Since this guy is supposed to be able to fly in an atmospheric environment I wanted to add detail without compromising further on the already non-aerodynamic shape. It’s a great excuse for me to not slap on pla-plates indiscriminately all over the kit too. 😛

To make it look a little more plane-like I’m concentrating on adding panel lines. I wouldn’t want the Waverider Mode to look something like the above.

As usual, the kit is torn apart and dumped into trays. I’m sanding and doing whatever modifications one tray at a time to make things less monotonous. However my lack of skill at scribing panel lines means I spend more time fixing mistakes rather than actual progress. So far the body has taken more than 3 weeks.

Here’s a look at some of the parts that stand out more. I had a hard time trying to get the lines to look symmetrical. Of course, these aren’t the only torso parts, the rest have some minor additions which I don’t think anyone will notice anyway.

For the waist these are the more prominent parts. The skirt armour plates have quite a few lines scribed especially on the side. The lines running down the side skirt took more than a week to get right. I had to fill and re-scribe pretty much every line at least once over to get them to be symmetrical and consistent across parts and those that come in pairs. Here I’m showing only one of the side skirt pieces as I was waiting for my putty to cure on the other one when I took this picture. I managed to fix my scribed lines for a more consistent thickness at this point so I might go back to the upper body and adjust them.

I kept this post in draft limbo for a week, so right now I just commenced working on the arms. I might take a few liberties with adding the kibble greeble as most of the arms are hidden within the body in Waverider Mode.

edit: I got my words mixed up – kibble is some Transformers terminology referring to parts that aren’t supposed to be seen in a certain mode. Greeble is the correct word here.


7 thoughts on “Delta Plus WIP 2”

  1. I’m just about to begin work on my own Delta Plus, though I will be taking a very different route. Rather than adding details I’ll go for a clean metallic look.

    But I’ll be checking on your progress to see what you come up with. So far it’s looking pretty good.

    1. You can never go wrong with a metallic colour scheme. It’s a popular choice and after all, it’s a descendant of the glorious Hyaku Shiki. I actually thought of trying out a kitbash of the Delta Plus and the Hyaku Shiki to have a more updated look but it was sold out at my area.

  2. nice panel lines 😀
    I think you can always draw before scribing to ensure they will be symmetrical

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