figma Ika Musume

Ika Musume aka Squid Girl finally invades this blog de geso!

Package contents. You get an extra head, 2 extra faces, a beer mug, a plate of shrimp rice & squid ink pasta, an extra front hair piece and 4 extra pairs of hands.

Overall views. The figure looks quite in scale with other figmas as she stands quite short at around 120mm.

Default face. The front hair tentacles are made of soft plastic.

Extra faces. Since she has a ton of different expressions throughout the show, including 3 faces wouldn’t cover everything. Her default face is quite good though. I would have preferred a deformed face instead of the current crying one as even the Nendoroid version isn’t going to be getting one either. Seriously, no Mini Ika Musume face for the Nendoroid at least?

As expected, her squid hat is not removable as “doing it would kill [her]”.

Most of the dress is made of soft plastic, but I would have preferred a one-piece design like the one on Strength. There isn’t an “accidental cast-off” feature as the inside of her dress is just a white cylinder. Her bracelets are removable.

She uses the smaller figma joints for her elbows.

She wears those funny shoes which make it a little easier to balance.

Her hair is made of a combination of rigid and soft plastic. The front parts are soft plastic while the back has a fairly complex design. The outermost tentacle is soft and stuck to the adjacent one which is rigid and attached to the head via a small figma joint. The innermost tentacle is also rigid but can swivel in/outwards. The hair above the joints is also made of soft plastic as it is also the same part as the outermost tentacles.

The extra head features her with short hair as seen in the last episode of Seasons 1. Not a big fan of it though.

The extra front hair piece with extended tentacles have wires embedded inside them so you can pose them in all sorts of ways. The only drawback to them is that there’s no way to fix them if you bend the wires until they break.

Her simple design gives her a fairly wide range of articulation. Neck articulation is surprisingly good and even better if you switch to the short hairstyle.

Shoulders have a wide range as her dress is sleeveless and made of soft plastic. Waist articulation isn’t visible as the dress hides everything underneath. Problem is the waist joint on my figure is very loose and falls off all the time, causing the upper part of the dress to slip out of the skirt part and I have to cram the upper part back inside all the time.

Leg articulation is somewhat preserved as the skirt is also made of soft plastic. However, kneeling poses are not possible as front/back range does not reach 90 degrees.

The beer in the mug is a separate removable part. Unfortunately she comes with the generic item-holding hands which don’t hold her provided items too well.

Here the plate is precariously balanced in the gap between her thumb and forefinger.

It is a pain trying to get her to hold the plates as one bump would make them fall off.

I for one welcome our new cephalopod overlords.

Go, funnels!

You can bend her hair in creative ways. Here the mug is balanced carefully on the tentacle. Took a good long while to get all the items on and not fall off.

In conclusion, her design is very show-accurate. She’s quite fun to play with but her white dress and the soft plastic are a total magnet for dirt. Highly recommended for Ika Musume fans de geso! In case anyone was wondering why I could review these few figures faster than usual, April was wallet rape month due to various delays by GSC so I had 7 items in one shipment (not all mine though heh). I thought it was better if I switched to EMS since the total weight was sure to exceed the SAL parcel size limit of 2kg but I didn’t know they would simply ship the order across several parcels using SAL. The EMS shipping time was a mere 2 days.



4 thoughts on “figma Ika Musume”

  1. Wonder if she’s the main star of your blog now? =D

    Dress, soft plastic, white. Confirm for dirt/stain magnet. Solution, use Oxy or Clearasil to clean it like what I did with my figma Marisa and Mikuru.

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