Revoltech Sigui

Here comes the latest entry in the Revoltech Queen’s Blade line. It says Sigui on the box but I’ve seen other materials refer to her with various spellings like Siggy or Shigi etc. The only characters from Queen’s Blade I care about are her and Nyx but they don’t look like main characters since I haven’t seen many figure releases for them. I missed out on their PVCs and they are nowhere to be found second hand. Since the price of the Revoltech figure wasn’t figma-tier and this was likely the only rendition I could get now, I decided to go for the 1P version. Being Revoltech figures I wouldn’t expect too much from them.

I think the 2P version would fetch a higher price on the second hand market. I almost wanted to get both versions but decided against it as I thought they weren’t worth spending so much on.

Package contents. You get an extra torn dress and panties for the line’s signature M Mode, an extra pair of sleeves with the drapes (???) pointing the other way, 2 extra faces, one pair of hands for holding her weapons, one pair of flesh-coloured Revolver joints and her weapons.

Overall views. At 135mm tall (stated on the box) she wasn’t as small as I thought she would be. The Revolver joints all over are hidden by her clothing – articulation is impaired as a result.

Besides the colour differences the 2P version has glasses, a different collar, a belt around the waist, one extra left hand holding a rosary and a different M Mode face.

Default face. The faces bear no resemblance to the original illustration at all.

Angry and M Mode faces. Faces are swapped by removing her headdress and flipping the fringe up. The fringe is made of flexible plastic and doesn’t really close back down completely. It’s supposed to look like it’s resting on her shoulders but they get in the way all the time and end up getting split apart making her head look rounder than usual.

It’s quite hard to tell that the arms are actually flesh-coloured.

The legs do not have any cast-off feature. There is a thigh swivel and a single knee joint. The ankles have limited articulation as the ankle guards get in the way.

It appears her weapons are called The Mace of Holy Fire and God’s Chained Blade. They are nicely painted and the red metal chain is a nice touch.

Despite being a Revoltech figure, her dress tends to impede articulation even though all her clothing is made of soft plastic. Her neck is a single Revolver joint that is nicely hidden by her collar though it gives off the impression that she has no neck. Her hair has 4 joints, of which the side two use the 4mm joints. Unfortunately her headdress does not move.

Single joints for the shoulders, arms and wrists. However, her clothing gets in the way. She has two joints in her torso and waist but the dress is not soft enough to allow them to move.

Lastly, the position of the hip joints prevents her from splaying her legs. Unlike other figures that have the joint in a T shape, hers (and I believe the rest of the characters are the same) are Y-shaped which are designed for the characters to spread their legs in their M mode poses.

Here’s a shot with her torn clothes in M Mode. The shreds of clothing are supposed to cover her vital areas but they don’t really do a good job.

Complete cast off, brought to you by StarkBlock™ technology.

For the sake of keeping this blog as work safe as possible, I’ll avoid any more pictures. Like all other Revoltech figures in the same line, she is completely cast-offable except for her boots. Her headdress is removable, and all her clothing is made of soft plastic and removable too. The figure is taken apart at the joints and the clothes are slipped out. The blue elbow joints are swapped with flesh-coloured ones. Her panties are really flimsy and look like they may snap if you mess with them. As a naked figure, articulation isn’t impeded but the shoulder and hip joints are inherently limited. Good thing she doesn’t have ridiculously thin proportions like those Souchaku Henshin figures from the pre-SH Figuarts days.

Of course, I wouldn’t want to be displaying her nude, so her clothes will be on. One drawback to this is paint transfer as the soft plastic will transfer paint onto the body very quickly. I brushed on a few layers of Future on the inside of her clothing hoping this can be minimized.

As possibly the only articulated rendition of the character and coming from a well-established line with numerous characters released, she certainly is an attractive option. Revoltech’s modular joints and her cast-off features add play value. However, considering this is a Revoltech figure, one should not expect too much from the figure be it appearance or articulation. If you want the best-looking rendition of her, go for the PVC versions instead. They do justice to the great artwork of Oda Non but they are going for rape prices on the second hand market.



7 thoughts on “Revoltech Sigui”

  1. Oh yes. Another success for the StarkBlock tech. =D
    She looks pretty fierce alright, wonder if any of the boys there would want to do one on one.

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