Delta Plus WIP 1.5?

Not much progress between the previous post and this one – I basically put the whole thing together and transformed it. Transformation was a pain. The Zeta / Zeta plus were child’s play in comparison. Both of them could also hold together in Wave Rider mode by themselves but the Delta Plus came with some separate parts to lock the transformation.

The colours show up much better on these photos taken with a proper camera. I might cut down on the blue tinge when I begin painting this guy.

Underside. The Zeta has a different transformation where the backpack unfolds and covers both arms. Along with the shield, it forms a sort of Flying Armour for the MS. This guy just has the wings sitting on each side with no locking mechanism to keep them in place and the arms are exposed. Can’t see how it can c-c-catch the wave.

As with the Zeta and its variants, the profile view shows how beautiful the complete transformation is – nice and flat. There’s no better way to transform the legs besides bending them in a Z shape but I don’t really like that it makes the knees bend forward while in MS mode. Wave Riders can’t beat the streamlined look of the Macross Variable Fighters. The shield is supposed to be parallel to the wings but there is some play in it that makes it sag.

This thing can’t even hold its beam rifle. There are pegs and slots on the hand and handle but they don’t work at all. The feet are also rather loose so it can’t balance well. I’ll see if it’s possible to tighten the feet so that it can stand easier. The wing binders don’t lock in position also. The beam rifle is identical to the ReZEL’s so those who had the ReZEL when it first came out would know that the Delta Plus was confirmed for release as the beam rifle’s runner tag had both their names.

I’ll be going on a short hiatus and counting down to the end of this month before I can start working on this guy. For now it’s completely disassembled and I ended up badly damaging a few of the ABS parts. Those bloody clips are going to break any time.


3 thoughts on “Delta Plus WIP 1.5?”

  1. I like it’s transformation! Looks so sleek.. Same with the Gunam Age-2 Normal.. has separate parts to transform to flight mode eh? XD I am still amazed by the designs of mobile suit in the Unicorn series. =3

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