Delta Plus WIP 1

This long post has been written over a long stretch of time as I have not been working on the kit regularly. Kinda realized that my current semester is ending – rushing projects before their deadlines, studying for mid-terms (that are at the end of the term) and not preparing for my finals. Been wasting all my free time playing SD Gundam Online anyway.

Commencing the build of the Delta Plus with the head. As usual, pardon the crap pictures taken with my phone’s camera. I’ve already jacked the contrast and brightness values quite a bit.

I was very surprised to see that the rear head sensor was also molded in transparent plastic. I mean,

HOLY CRAP transparent plastic for the rear camera

Wonder if I should cover it up with silver tape as I always do. The eyes are also a hybrid style with eyes underneath a visor so there are different ways to paint them. I think I’ll stick some silver tape on the inside of the visor and paint the outside clear red. Hopefully that would maintain the visibility of both the eyes and visor – they are practically blocked by the forehead already.

The body is a complicated piece of work with a ton of moving ABS parts. Didn’t finish the assembly of the entire body as some parts cannot be taken apart once put together, like the folding waist. Also painting the moving parts would make it harder to transform. Compared to the Zeta and its variants which have side panels on their shoulders that fold inwards, this guy uses a different design. The side panels are integrated into the torso block, held in place with the two white locking tabs on each side and expand outwards first before folding in. One advantage would be the panels are locked in place and won’t be forced outwards when moving the arms. There will definitely be lots of chipped paint around here so I would have to file the moving parts down.

Also the ABS parts aren’t doing too well. One of the shoulders is loose and pops out of the torso easily. There were stress marks on the C-joint. I can’t tighten it by applying super glue as it would just stretch the joint and weaken it further.

The arms and legs are mostly symmetrical so Bandai could provide identical runners in pairs. The shoulders are ridiculously complicated with various parts bending and unfolding in all sorts of directions. Confusing transformation and more opportunities for chipped paint. The floating armour plates on the upper arms also look useless like those on the Sinanju.

You can probably tell from the file names that there was a long period of time between building the legs and the torso. Apart from being busy with other stuff, the sheer complexity of the legs also made assembly a long journey. One of the armour parts on the shin (the manual calls them “protection float frame” or something) was slightly bent. These “float frame” things on the front and back of the lower legs are quite fragile. The front waist armour plates have multiple ball joints also for moar complexity.

The most disappointing thing is the lack of thigh swivels that the MG Zeta Ver.2 had. That’s a step backwards in terms of articulation. I’m not sure whether it’s due to the use of polycaps but the legs also don’t hold up well in stark contrast to the very tight joints on the Zeta. By the way, the polycap runner on the Delta Plus is the same as the Zeta.

Another disappointing thing – a horrendous lack of detail. Totally no panel lines on the wings. Again, the Zeta and Zeta plus did much better.

So far, the design of the Delta Plus seems ridiculously complex. On the other hand, it looks like an upscaled HG in appearance. There are practically no panel lines, but at the few areas where there are seams such as the elbow joints, they have been cleverly disguised as panel lines. Speaking of which, I bought the Zeta for a very cheap price and ruined it with my lack of top coat applying skill many years ago. I’m a little tempted to buy a second one to give it some proper justice.

I read from some forums that the shoulders and hands are quite lousy, so I’ll be checking it out to see if it is possible to fix them.

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