Robot Damashii Arbalest Λ Driver

I mentioned it a few posts ago that I finally bought a toy to review. By Murphy’s Law it took longer than usual to arrive, but it turned out to be totally worth the price and wait.

From the < SIDE AS > line comes a new version of the Arbalest. I’m not exactly sure what warranted a remake but Bandai claims it to be a completely new mold.

Package contents. There are parts for the activated Lambda Driver, wire launcher, replacement face, anti-tank dagger, shot cannon, monomolecular cutter and sheath, 4 extra pairs of hands, 1 left hand for holding the shot cannon pump and effect parts for the Lambda Driver in action.

Overall views. The paint job is sharp and detailed. I could not spot any major defects on my figure. Its size is a little on the small side – maybe I’m a little too used to the < SIDE EVA > figures.

The eyes are painted in metallic green. The head vulcans are painted silver.

There is a peg for attaching a stand and it comes covered by a white part. I forgot to attach the closed weapon mount onto the back of the figure. The two blocks on both sides are on ball joints.

For the activated Lambda Driver, the shoulder armour parts are on ball joints and are replaced. Getting them on however is a bit of a challenge as the shoulder armour mounts are movable.

The fins on the back are also replaced by removing the original parts.

The replacement face has the anti-tank dagger mounted on its mouth.

The actual dagger is a bit larger and the blade is not painted silver. The hand is molded to fit nicely to the dagger.

The monomolecular cutter can be mounted on the side of the leg.

Like the dagger, this cutter fits the hand well too.

The cutter can also be mounted on the back by replacing the weapon mount with the open version.

The weapon mount also supports the shot cannon.

The shot cannon has a foldable stock and movable pump.

The XM18 wire gun is attached by sliding it onto the wrist area of either arm.

The effect parts are for the right hand. This one slides over the hand.

This one replaces the hand and attaches onto the wrist ball joint.

Incredible waist articulation. The head is on a ball-shaped joint and swivel so it is effectively a double joint.

The shoulder joints are double ball joints. The wrists are ball-shaped pegs; no multiple wrist joints here. The waist can rotate all the way around. I think it has a triple joint like the Eva figures.

And crazy leg articulation as usual. The hip joints can swivel downwards like some SH Figuarts figures. The panels on the sides of the legs are on ball pegs.

The ankles are double joints. The feet are movable too.

Literally armed to the teeth.

Dual wielding. With the crazy waist and leg articulation, dynamic poses are very easy to achieve. However, with so many points of articulation it is a challenge to pose every part into its proper position.

I guess Bandai wanted to catch up with the Revoltech version but in a less gimmicky manner so you can’t really hang the Arbalest from the wire launcher.

Lambda Driver activated. I really loved using the Arbalest in SRW W. With an initial morale boost, removed morale limit and mobility upgrades, Sousuke could take anything out before the rest of your army even reached enemy lines. The series units had several combination attacks as well and all of them were practically untouchable by the enemies.

You can pose it lying prone, though that would be more suitable for Kurz Weber’s Gernsback.

At this point I stopped and continued in the evening without sunlight to help. I still haven’t got myself a second lamp.

I think the unusually high number of action photos speaks volumes about how much fun I had playing with this figure. Though it doesn’t come with all its weapons, the included accessories are fairly sufficient. The effect parts are quite versatile as well. From what I can tell, compared to the previous version (review by Hacchaka), this one has slightly improved sculpt, paint job and articulation, more extra hands (especially left hands) and effect parts. Totally worth it. With this release I’m fairly sure Bandai beat Kaiyodo’s Revoltech version. I also just found out that Tamashii Web is going to release the flight pack for it. I think I’ll order it. Highly recommended!



9 thoughts on “Robot Damashii Arbalest Λ Driver”

  1. damn it….this is tempting…I got an earlier version the ARX 8 …really fun stuff I must say. But seems like the articulation is much better this time!!!

    1. Hehe I’m quite happy I didn’t buy the FMP figures right away back then, wanted to buy the ARX-8 but I was a bit lost as to where it appeared since I only watched the anime.

  2. DAMN this looks awesome! yeah I love using Arbalest in SRW W and J as well. In fact, on my fifth playthrough, It outdamaged goldion crusher for some reason ahahhaha

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